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Two Hogs Winery

Two Hogs Winery In 2004 I visited a friend, she had Carboys throughout her kitchen and curiosity got the best of me so I asked what are they and what's inside? She explained to me she was making wine, and from there the rest is history, I had to give it a try. My first wine ever was a Blueberry. It turned out so good that I continued to make and try other wines. In 2010 I visited many of the Wineries in Maine to observe how things were done, and a year later I started the process of getting licensed, and opened in May 2012. Thus far it has been a wonderful experience, and it has gone beyond all expectations.two hogs wines I think what sets me apart from other wineries is the fact that all of my wines with the exception of two wines that are grape varietals, all others are fruit and berry wines. I aspire to continue to crush the skepticism about this type of wine. I want people to realize how wonderful these wines are. I have had the pleasure of shattering the myth. There have been numerous customers who were pleasantly surprised and actually "Loved" the wines.


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186 Mudget Hill Road, Vassalboro, ME, US, 04989 Email:
Phone: 207-660-5594 Web:
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