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Durham Distillery

Durham Distillery At Durham Distillery, we love gin. It’s a spirit with personality and versatility. Good gins are like good wines – they are full of complexity and yet clean, crisp. We believe that a hand-crafted gin could be more than the traditional methods of distillation and carefully selected botanicals. To be sure, the foundation of a refined gin must have those. But, for us, it’s about taking those traditions and bringing them into the modern age. It’s re-thinking how to make great gin. We've custom-designed a copper still from Germany in order to establish our gin’s traditional quality through time-tested vapor distillation. And then, we’re going to have some fun. We take pride that we’re bringing in modern laboratory techniques of today and marrying them with the past. Our gins will be modern classics, and we have the expertise to make it a reality. Get ready Durham. A gin renaissance is coming. It’s time for a new gin of the new south.


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711 Washington Street, Durham, NC, US, 27701 Email:
Phone: 919-937-2121 Web:
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