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Woodstone Creek Winery

Woodstone Creek Winery Woodstone Creek artisan winery, meadery, porthouse. Ohio's first microdistillery, dedicated to handcrafted, extremely small batch products. 2-7 Saturdays


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4712 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH, US, 45217 Email:
Phone: 513-569-0300 Web:
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Cabernet Sauvignon is most popular red wine in the United States. Traditionally, Cabernet pairs with fuller-flavored, richer foods such as red meats and dishes with red or brown sauces. Semi-dry 12% ABV
Chardonnay is most popular white wine in the United States. Traditionally, Chardonnay pairs with white meats such as poultry, fish and seafood. Serve chilled. Semi-dry, 12% ABV
Light white wine blend which offers exceptional quality and value. Semi-dry, well-balanced. Perfect for parties, everyday meals and special occasions. Serving suggestions: white meat, light pasta dishes, seafood, cheese. Semi-dry, 12% ABV
Similar to Taliesin, but somewhat sweeter spiced honeywine, historically known as metheglin, was popular in Elizabethan England. Lemon-ginger honeywine was a particular favorite of the queen. This type of wine is made by fermenting pure honey and does not contain grapes. Serve slightly chilled or room temperature. White meat or lighter faire suggested. Compliments spicy foods. Kosher. Semi-sweet13% ABV
Sweeter Sauternes are served with dessert, after dinner and as a between-meal refreshment. The French drink Sauterne with foie gras, Crème Brulee and blue cheeses, such as Roquefort. Full-bodied, fragrant, high citrus quality. Serve chilled. Sweet, 12% ABV
Historically known as pyment, a blend of honeywine and a sweet white grape varietal. Honeywine is produced by fermenting pure honey, water, hops and yeast. Honeywine alone does not contain grapes. Extremely popular up to the Medieval period in the British Isles and northern Europe. Serving suggestions: slightly chilled, white meat, lighter pastas and cheeses. Semi-sweet12% ABV
Sweeter mead. Honeywine, the most ancient wineknown, is made with pure honey. Also known as mead, it does not contain grapes. Despite the name, honeywine can be dry to sweet or sparkling. Served at room temperature or lightly chilled. Perfect complement to spicy foods. Our traditional style can be served alone, with meals or as a dessert wine. Kosher. Semi-sweet 13% ABV
Mead, the most ancient wine known, is made with pure honey. Also known as honeywine, it does not contain grapes. Dryer meads are the result of aging. Meads are traditionally served room temperature. Chilling enhances dryness. The general rule of "white with light" need not apply - have with any of your favorites. Good with spicy foods. Kosher. Semi-dry 13% ABV
Fruity, white wine. Popular native American hybrid which flourishes in Ohio's midwestern climate. Exceptional value. Perfect table wine for everyday meals. Serve chilled with white meat, light pasta, seafood, cheese and fruit. Semi-sweet, 12% ABV
Dry honeywine blended with a sweeter white grape wine and a touch of natural raspberry. Serve chilled with white meat, light pasta, cheese, fruit or salad. Excellent base for wine punch. Mix with fruit punch or your favorite mixer to taste, pour over ice in large bowl, add fruit slices and serve. Semi-sweet, 12% ABV
Lighter red wine blend with just a touch of raspberry. Ideal for all your favorite tomato-based Italian dishes, especially pizza. Serve room temperature to bring out the subtle fruity character. Makes a great starter for a fruited wine punch. Pour into bowl with cold, sliced fruit. Sweeten to taste. Let stand at least thirty minutes before serving. Semi-dry 12% ABV
Dryer Reisling style. Powerful and distinctive floral and apple nose. Fruity, light and clean tasting. Serve with white meat, fowl, light pasta, seafood, fruit and, of course, your favorite German dishes. Semi-dry, 12% ABV
Red wine blend which offers exceptional quality and value. Semi-dry, well-balanced. Perfect for everyday meals as well as special occasions. Serving suggestions: red meat, robust pasta dishes, hardy cheeses and pizza. Semi-dry 12% ABV
Woodstone Creek Taliesin is based on a lemon-ginger metheglin (herbal mead) popular in England during the Elizabethan period. Lightly oaked. Complex character. Medium body. Serving at room temperature enhances the ginger and honey character. Lightly chilled, the lemon comes forward and is slightly dryer. Allow to breathe. White meat or lighter faire suggested. Excellent with spicy foods. Kosher. Semi-dry13% ABV
Popular late-season white wine. Fruity, floral flavors and good balance. French-American hybrid grape. Perfect with party foods. Also good with white meat, light pasta dishes, cheese, seafood or fruit. Semi-dry, 12% ABV


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