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The Cannon Brew Pub

The Cannon Brew Pub If the Cannon Brewpub had an old man, it would be Jim Newman. A U.S. Army Ranger, Jim had just returned Stateside from Haiti when he attended a party hosted by Dr. Jack Blalock. At the soiree, he was introduced to a kindred soul named William Gantt. Their conversation soon turned to the quality of beer in Columbus. Needless to say, the tone was bitter and the language seasoned with expletives. When Jim explained that in Oregon, where he came of age, there was a vibrant scene of restaurants and bars that housed their own microbreweries that crafted their own distinct beers that could only be enjoyed at the source, Gantt understandably replied, "$#@*!". What began as a conversation soon became an obsession and, in 1996, the firm Warner and Worth was incorporated to see their shared dream come true.


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1041 Broadway, Columbus, GA, US, 31901 Email:
Phone: 706-653-2337 Web:
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