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St. George Brewing Company

St. George Brewing Company The St. George Brewing Company welcomes visits to our new brewery and hospitality house located in Hampton Virginia They are Hampton Roads’ only microbrew producer and recently became the official beer of Colonial Williamsburg.


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204 Challenger Way, Hampton, VA, US, 23666 Email:
Phone: 757-865-7781 Web:
Fax: 757-865-1112
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  St. George Fall Bock
St. George Fall Bock is based on one of our favorite styles of German lagers. This Amber Bock couples the dominate malt character with the crisp full-bodied base needed to support a higher-alcohol, extremely drinkable beer. Beautifully reddish amber in color with a thick white crown.
  St. George Golden Ale
St. George Golden Ale is based on an old British recipe but with American Centennial and Cascade Hops, resulting in a slightly sweet, malty flavor with a citrusy hop character. It is golden straw in color with a thick creamy head.
  St. George India Pale Ale
St. George India Pale Ale is traditional English style ale with distinct hop spiciness from 100% UK Fuggles hops. Deep copper in color, Our India Pale Ale has a full malt base and a pronounced hop aroma and is extremely well balanced.
  St. George Lager
St. George Lager is a sublime balance of subtle maltiness and lingering noble hoppiness. Based on a style of lager called Bavarian Helles, it is pale straw blond in color, but surprisingly full bodied and exhibiting only a low level of hops bitterness or aroma. Only the finest of traditional German Malt and Hops are used in this beer, which create the most delicate beer imaginable.
  St. George Nut Brown Ale
St. George Nut Brown Ale is a classic English-style Brown Ale with flavors reminiscent of biscuit and caramel that is well balanced by a mild hop character. This beer was traditionally served in taverns as their house beer. Our Nut Brown Ale is light brown in color with a thick creamy head.
  St. George Pilsnerpi
St. George Pilsner is a clean, crisp lager based on an old north German beer recipe. A centuries old conditioning process and unique lager yeast result in an exceptionally smooth beer. Traditional 2 Row Pale and Munich Malts along with noble German Hops ensure a well balanced, pale golden lager with a fine creamy head.
  St. George Porter
St. George Porter is based on a traditional English style porter. This beer weaves a complex tapestry of flavors in a ruby black colored ale. A rich malt base results in caramel and chocolate tones classically balanced with English aromatic hops.
  St. George Spring Lager
St. George Spring Lager is our representation of the original lager beer. Sharing its roots with the Marzan and Oktoberfest beers, this Vienna-style lager is brewed using classic European malts resulting in an amber colored beer with a rich, malt character while traditional German hops provide a noble and perfectly-balanced hop bitterness.
  St. George Summer Ale
St. George Summer Ale couples an aggressive late hop character with a medium bodied ale to produce a highly-drinkable, thirst-quenching beer. A slight maltiness and perfectly balanced hop bitterness along with its classic English hop finish makes this is the perfect drink for beating the summer heat. This ale is a very pale golden color with a thick creamy white head.
  St. George Winter Stout
St. George Winter Stout is our tribute to the Russian Tsars of old. This Russian Imperial Stout is a huge beer. Everything from the body to the malt flavor and hop bitterness to its alcohol strength demands respect. Impenetratably black with a dense dark crown, this is a beer that will make even the longest of winters tolerable.


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