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Spring Wine

Spring Wine Wine Details
Price: $12.99 per bottle

Description: Notes: When the numbers are in and the smoke has settled my 2010 Spring Wine will be like lightening in a hot winter sky. It hasn't happened before and 2010 may not happen again. There are reasons for this. It is 100% Vignole grapes from the Miller Estate.It comes on with peaches and slides into apricots.In the mouth it is first soothing and then goes from glistening to a rash of fresh acidity and an abundance of wild white fruit ranging from white apple flesh to sweet pears and grapes.There is no finish; it just goes on. How can something be so delicate and go on and on?

Varietal Definition
Commonly grown in the cooler regions of North America, this french-american hybrid used for making white dry, late-harvest and ice-wines has its origins in the Chardonnay grape. Currently very popular as a dessert wine because of its restrained fruitiness and good balance. Same as Ravat.


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