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Gold Miner Rum

Gold Miner Barrel Reserve Rum Wine Details

Description: Bottled in February of 2012, out of D3's very first Barrel, this incredibly unique one-of-a-kind taste garnered a GOLD medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March. The aroma is sweet and spicy. The taste is smooth and well developed, with hints of spice and licorice and a background of oak aged vanillas. It finishes smooth, yet firm with a full bodied taste that rum drinkers look for. Each bottle is labelled with the Barrel number (1) and the bottle number on the back label. A true connoisseur's drink, and limited edition.

Varietal Definition
Rum is a distilled beverage made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses and sugarcane juice by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak and other barrels.


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