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Brandon’s Vodka

Brandon’s Vodka Wine Details

Description: Handmade from Arkansas soft red winter wheat. We source our wheat from Terry Dabb’s farm in Stuttgart, Arkansas. We mill the wheat ourselves, then we cook, ferment and distill it 4 times in our copper pot still, all by hand. We then carefully carbon filter and bottled by hand. We then sign and number each bottle by hand to show the care that went into each and every bottle.

Varietal Definition
Vodka is one of the world's most popular distilled beverages. It is a clear liquid which consists of mostly water and ethanol purified by distillation — often multiple distillation — from a fermented substance such as potatoes, grain (usually rye or wheat) or sugar beet molasses, and an insignificant amount of other substances such as flavorings or unintended impurities.


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