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Ampio Wine Details
Price: $22.00 per bottle

Description: Varietal Composition: About 50% Refosco and 50% Carmine. Refosco is an indigenous red variety from Friuli (NE Italy) with deep color and plum or cranberry fruit; Carmine is a University of California two-generation cross: Carignane X Cabernet Sauvignon crossed again with Merlot. Carmine is also dark, with somewhat intense flavors. What it resembles: Italian style Merlot from Collio, Meritage blends from Cabernet and Merlot.

Varietal Definition
Ancient native grape grown in Friuli-Venezia-Giuia region of Italy. Made into what is often considered to be a robust, very intense red wine with moderate complexity that can match the heartiest meal course. According to Pliny the Elder the favorite wine of Livia, second wife of Augustus Caesar, was created from this grape. Limited plantings are also to be found in the cooler coastal regions of California. Some think the Mondeuse of the Savoie region of France is identical.
Dr. Harold Olmos, of the University of California, created this cross of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carignane to be a Cabernet alternative for California’s ‘cool’ coastal regions. The varietal never gained any significant acreage in these coastal regions or any other vineyards in California. However, Carmine can now be found in a few far flung appellations across North America. Modest amounts of Carmine can be found in Pennsylvannia, Michigan and Oregon. Carmine is a late budder and late ripener and has a tendency to overproduce with lots of large clusters if not properly managed. The grapes of the vine benefit from black skins as can be seen in the resulting wines. Although there are few examples of Carmine based wines on the market, information suggests these wines tend to offer intense dark color, capsicum aromas and flavor with ample tannins


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