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Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin

Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin Wine Details

Description: Hand bottled, hand labeled, and hand numbered, we have been distilling Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin since 2002. Most gin is produced by placing spirit in a potstill and adding the entire range of botanicals in the still before distilling the entire steep in one run. Not all botanicals (juniper, coriander, etc.) have the same boiling point, so when a distiller distills all the botanicals together, searching for the best juniper flavor, for example, he/she is overboiling the coriander. When botanicals are overboiled, tannin-like flavors are extracted, drying out the final Gin. We take a different tack by placing each individual botanical in the still and distill them off separately. We carefully make cuts like you would for a whiskey: heads, hearts, and tails. The heart portion is when, as an example, the fruity-floral nose of the juniper is at its cleanest. After the heart has been collected, the refined juniper nose gets muddled and cloying, smelling and tasting a bit like pine trees. We discard this portion, favoring the cleaner hearts portion, and this lends our spirit its rounded, clean finish that is unlike any other gin in the world. We apply this method for the rest of our botanicals: Orris Root, Cardamon, Coriander, and hand-zested Valencia Oranges and Pummelos, carefully extracting the best aromas that these botanicals have to offer. The result is a softer, brighter, and more approachable spirit.

Varietal Definition
Gin is a spirit flavoured with juniper berries. Distilled gin is made by redistilling white grain spirit and raw cane sugar which has been flavoured with juniper berries. Compound gin is made by flavouring neutral grain spirit with juniper berries without redistilling and can be considered a flavoured vodka.


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