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Atlantic County Niagara

Atlantic County Niagara Wine Details
Price: $8.95 per bottle

Description: The Tomasello Atlantic County Niagara is made from the Native American varietal of the same name. Most tasters describe this wine as "a bunch of fresh grapes.” The aroma happily evokes memories of summers as a child eating grapes –our most nostalgic creation. The Niagara is very fruit forward in both nose and taste with a whimsical sweet finish. Often served with dessert or used to sweeten a summer sangria

Varietal Definition
A native American grape varietal, the Niagara is often referred to as the "white Concord." Widely grown in New York, it is a popular table wine, vinified in a slightly sweet style, though the best producers tend to minimize its inherent foxy (a unique aroma/flavor profile variously described as wild and musky) qualities.


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