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Silver Hills Vineyard and Winery

Silver Hills Vineyard and Winery Silver Hills is a diversified farming operation in Burt County, Nebraska. We currently raise corn, soybeans, cattle, and wine grapes. Our main emphasis is the establishment of the vineyard which began in the Spring of 2000. We are currently at 3 acres and plan on adding varieties that are a good fit as they become available. Our goal is the establishment of a winery that uses 100% Nebraska-grown or estate-grown fruit. As of 2003, we have built a small winery building and have made six different styles of wine. We are looking forward to 2005 as a break-through year for getting the bonding to open as early as the spring of 2006.

From Tekamah, Nebraska drive 3 miles north on Highway 75 to County Road K. Turn left (west) go 1.5 miles to County Road 33. Curve to the right around "S" curves. Continue north approximately 2 miles to County Road M. Turn left and go West 1/2 mile to the top of the hill.

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3130 County Road M, Tekamah, NE, US, 68061 Email:
Phone: 403-374-1602 Web:
Fax: 403-870-0084
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Al and Connie Faltys of Tekamah grew the blackberries used in this sweet wine. The care they afford their gardens at Fox Hill Vineyards is very evident in the quality of the fruits they produce. This wine can be enjoyed upon release or aged for 12 months or more.
An exciting new variety, this wine has pronounced citrus flavors. It is finished semi-sweet and should be enjoyed well chilled and while young.
  Carriage House Red
A blend of deChaunac, Marechal Foch and St. Croix, this wine will pair well with everything from steak to pizza. Age up to 12 months
  Carriage House White
Seyval and LaCrosse are combined in this semi-sweet wine. Serve chilled and drink while young.
Grown in our vineyard, this popular wine is finished sweet. Enjoy well chilled, now or age up to 12 months.
This is our first vintage of this truly versatile grape. This wine is full bodied with blackberry flavors. Very limited production. Drink now or age 12 months.
  Happy Union
A sweet Apple wine with a twist of nectar! Our own apples are combined with locally produced honey. This pairing makes for a truly “Happy Union”! Serve chilled or mulled with cinnamon sticks for a holiday treat! Enjoy while young.
Produced with grapes from Cuthills Vineyard as well as our own vineyard, this vintage shows the benefits of VSP (vertical shoot position) trellising by allowing the grapes to show their true varietal character. Finished semi- sweet. Enjoy this wine at cool room temperature now or age for 12 months.
  LaCrosse Special Reserve
The highest quality LaCrosse grapes from Cuthills Vineyards were used in this special LaCrosse. Enjoy now or age for up to 12 months.
Silver Creek Apiaries owned by our neighbors Jim and Phyllis Reiken and family, produced the honey used to make this sweet wine. Some of the honey came from bees that were used to help pollinate our apple orchard. Serve well chilled. Enjoy now or age for up to 12 months.
Produced with grapes grown at Bird Song Vineyards at Blair, this year’s vintage is finished semi-sweet. Enjoy at cool room temperature now or age for 12 months.
  Sixth Harvest Red
Our 6th harvest red is a semi-sweet wine made from a blend of Marechal Foch and Valiant. A very grapey tasting wine best served at cool room temperature. Enjoy it now or age for up to 12 months.
A blend of Prairie Star grown at Fox Hill Vineyards by Al and Connie Faltys and our own LaCrosse, this wine is finished dry. Serve at cool room temperature. Enjoy now or age up to 12 months.


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