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Palaia Vineyards

Palaia Vineyards Palaia Vineyards "Pa-Lie-Ahh"...named for our winemaker's grandfather, Angelo Palaia who emigrated here from Italy and passed his winemaking skills on to his son and grandson. We have taken the basics he gave us, and with modern winemaking techniques have been able to make some truly outstanding wines. Here at Sweet Clover Farm, we believe in celebrating and preserving the history of our family, country, town and homestead. We are proud to be the owners of a working farm that has been in the Hudson Valley for over 200 years. Once a dairy farm, it is now home to over 10 Acres of vineyards with more planned for the future. The 200- year old bank barn had been restored over the last 3 years and is now a beautiful, clean winery on the lower level, with storage and a tasting room above preserving the look and feel of the historical building.

From NYC - George Washington Bridge to Palisades Parkway North, To N.Y.S. Thruway North, Exit 16 Harriman (Woodbury Commons). After tolls - 1st Exit to Route 32 N, 5 miles. Go back Under Thruway and look to your left for "Sweet Clover Road" and our winery sign. From Newburgh - Route 32 S. 10 min. After Vails Gate intersection and past the light for Cornwall. Look for Kassell Landscaping on your right and just after it you will see the winery sign at "Sweet Clover Road". From Middletown Rt.17 East - 17 East to the last exit before the Thruway - exit 131- Rt. 32 North to Newburgh. 5 miles from the exit - follow NYC instructions.

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Address Web Social
20 Sweet Clover Road, Highland Mills, NY, US, 10930 Email:
Phone: 845-928-5384 Web:
Fax: 845-928-7683
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  Cabernet Franc
One of the parent varieties of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, Cabernet Franc makes a crisp, clean dinner wine. It is aged with only a little bit of oak so as not to overwhelm the flavors of cherry, blackberry, and vanilla. Grown here at Sweet Clover Farm, it was a very good year for grapes. Smooth and lush with black cherry flavor.
One of the most popular white wines. It is a white Burgundy grape that is also used in sparkling wines and Champagne. Depending upon the vintage it can vary from semi-sweet to dry with flavors of melon, apple tangerine, vanilla or buttery oak. It is one of the few varieties that is often fermented in oak.
A beautifully clean, Hudson Valley DeChaunac grape makes all the difference in the quality of this vintage wine.
(Geh-verts-tram-ein-er)... Go ahead, you try and say it... or just shorten it to a quick "Geh-vertz" when you are talking about this wonderful semi-sweet white wine. "Gewurz", translated from German meaning "spice", is a highly aromatic concentrated wine, rich with a strong floral scent. Our 2003 vintage won a medal in the The N.Y.S. Fingerlakes Wine & Food Competition.
Red Table Wine. Heritage is a tasteful blend of selected varietal vintages. A hint of oak adds to the complex flavors of dark cherries with a velvety smooth finish.
  Joyful Pink
A delightful semi sweet blend that is light on the palate with soft fruit overtones. Serve with chicken, fish and pasta with light sauces, or just go ahead and simply
Grown here at Sweet Clover Farm, Lemberger is a "Merlot-like" grape with mild tannins and a dark chocolate/raspberry flavor. It is reputed to have a low level of histamines.
White Table Wine. Lineage is a tasteful blend of selected varietal vintages. A smooth semi-dry white that goes well with ham or seafood, but is also wonderful when sipped slowly with friends. Hints of nectarine and citrus fruit flavor in a clean finish.
Merlot is a "Noble Bordeaux" varietal that became a distinct variety in the 1800's. It is a soft, mellow wine with less tannin than a Cabernet. Merlot is not as harsh as other reds but is still complex with flavors of plums, black cherry, violets and orange.
  Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir is a "light red" wine first planted by the Gaul's before the Roman invasion. It grows best in cool climates and can have a wide range of colors from purple-red to light cherry-red. It has flavors of earth, leather, vanilla and sometimes jam flavors of raspberry, strawberry and plum. This vintage was the last to come from Finger Lake vineyards for a few years due to freeze damage the following winter.
Grown here at Sweet Clover Farm. Traminette is a winter hardy Gewurztraminer hybrid. This wine is rich with an excellent spicy flavor that goes well with strong flavored foods.


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