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Otium Cellars

Otium Cellars Welcome to Otium Cellars, a boutique winery taking wine in Northern Virginia to new heights. Located just outside the town of Purcellville set on a peaceful hillside in the country. Our goal is to make high quality wines that demonstrate the terroir of Northern Virginia wine region. We believe that wine is not only made in the cellar but is a year-round effort in the vineyard. The vines are constantly being attended to during all four seasons. The result of that work is demonstrated during the harvest when the vines produce perfectly concentrated, complex tasting grapes. In the fall of 2009 we celebrated our first harvest, we are proud of the results. Each wine demonstrates the best aroma, character, and flavor you can achieve with the different grape varietals we grow. Take a look at our new wines that will be available for purchase soon.


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18050 Tranquility Road, Purcellville, VA, US, 20132 Email:
Phone: 540-338-2027 Web:
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Blaufränkisch is a dark-skinned grape, rich in tannin with a spicy character. The wines have aromas of dark ripe cherries and dark berries, are spicy and have medium tannin with very good acidity. Young wines are deeply fruity and become more velvety, supple and complex with age.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
The elegant finish of this wine with its berry flavors and dense, ripe fruit aromas gives the palate a structured and silky core of vivid fruit. Aged in small oak barrels, this Cabernet Sauvignon imparts a subtle mocha.
Chardonnay is America's most popular grape. Our buttery style is rich and laden with tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. You will also find some flavors of caramel and vanilla.
Dornfelder is a dark skinned grape with deep color and powerful flavor. The wines have a depth of color, good acidity and the ability to benefit from barrique aging and the associated oak flavors. Our Dornfelder wines are velvety textured, slightly floral, show some flavors of plums, blackberries and cherries
Our finest Malbec grapes are hand selected and aged in oak barrels. This full-bodied, intensely flavorful wine has soft, round tannins with layers of ripe plum, blackberry and dark cherry accented by hints of brown spice and chocolate.
  Pinot Noir
The result of our way to grow wine and handle grapes is an elegant wine with strong black cherry flavors and an unexpected hint of violet and spice that we believe conveys the essence of a Virginia Pinot Noir.


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