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Deerhammer Distilling Company

Deerhammer Distilling Company Many well known whiskey icons in this country hail from a long line of great distillers — with such notable family names as Beam, Noe and Van Winkle. Our distilling lineage is of a much different sort. During prohibition in Brooklyn, NY, my great grand parents bottled and sold their own variety of high-proof spirits. AKA, bathtub gin. They were known to have run a solid, albiet less than legal, operation. While I can not speak to the quality of their product or the integrity of the ingredients used, I do believe that the same ingenuity and passion that went into my family's efforts back in the day carries through in every bottle Deerhammer that we offer to you.


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321 East Main Street, Buena Vista, CO, US, 81211 Email:
Phone: 719-395-9464 Web:
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  Buena Vista Brandy
This ultra-rare pure colorado brandy was created from grapes grown, fermented, and distilled locally in the Colorado mountains. Buena Vista Brandy packs some serious terroir! Hand crafted with a traditional approach, Buena Vista Brandy is twice distilled slowly in our direct-fire copper pot still and matured in french oak. The result is a massively rich, full bodied spirit with complex oak aged flavors of vanilla, red wine, honey and spices. This stuff is the perfect Colorado winter warmer.
  Down Time Single Malt Whiskey
Down Time Single Malt is a hybrid whiskey with traditions borrowed from both Scotch and Bourbon production. Hand crafted from five varieties of malted barley, open air fermented with American Bourbon yeast and slowly run twice though a Scottish style copper pot still. The spirit is then laid down in new charred American white oak barrels where it slumbers at the base of Colorado's tallest mountains. Bottled at 94 proof, this American style whiskey sings with notes of sweet coffee, toasted nuts, pipe tobacco, and a dark chocolate finish. Pour yourself a glass and Enjoy some Down Time!
  Whitewater Whiskey
It's been called many things... white dog, new make, single malt vodka, moon shine. We call ours Deerhammer Whitewater Whiskey. The fresh stuff — fresh off the still, briefly touched by oak and then into the bottle. This spirit takes two runs through the pot still and is bottled without the flavor effects of lengthy aging in oak casks. The results are a light/sweet spirit with notes of fruit, chocolate, dark roasted coffee and tobaco finish. This should not be compared to your go-to bourbon or scotch — it is a completely different product. Much like a tequila has its un-aged blanco, whiskey has it's own un-aged variation, and we are proud to offer you one of Colorado's first and finest white whiskeys. Enjoy it from the bottle around a campfire, served on the rocks or used in place of your favorite vodka in just about any cocktail (this stuff makes a mean bloody mary!).


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