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Dubh Linn Irish Brewpub

Dubh Linn Irish Brewpub Dubh Linn in Old Irish means ” The Dark Pool”. In ancient times the river Dodder made a pool before flowing into the Liffey. Here the Vikings decided to settle. The Dodder today is a memory and has long been confined as a subterranean river. The dark waters from this pool were the inspiration for Arthur Guinness’ “Perfect Pint.” “Dublin” is an Anglicism of “Dubh Linn”. In the old script, ‘bh’ was written with a dot placed over the ‘b’ – thus appearing to be Dub Linn or Dublinn. The Norman-speaking English who arrived in Old Irish-speaking Ireland in 1169 omitted the “dot” (or séimhiú in Irish), and spelled the town’s name as ‘Dublin.’ Some have suggested that “Dublin” is of Scandinavian origin: “djúp lind” (“deep pond”). However, the name “Dubh Linn” pre-dates the arrival of the Vikings in Ireland, and the Old Norse name is simply the words “Dubh Linn” re-spelled as if they were Old Norse: Dyflinn (correctly pronounced “DUEV-linn’ ). Therefore, we selected “Dubh Linn” as a way of tying two cultures together – the Scandinavian heritage of Northern Minnesota and the Irish traditions of fine spirits, good company, and a comfortable atmosphere you only find in a pub.


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