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Bouquet Our wines are a pleasure for all the senses – the eye, the nose, and of course, the taste buds. We blend wines to produce an appealing diversity of perfumes and flavors and intriguing wines. Some grapes enhance a wine’s structure—the balance and sequence of flavors in the mouth— while others impart body and roundness. We take care to select the right varietals, harvested at the right levels of ripeness. For our winemaker consultant, Gilles Martin, blending is an art—an act of expression and creation. The result: wines with personality and verse. We offer a full palette of wines, from appetizers to main courses to desserts – lightly effervescent, white, rosé (dry), rosé (off-dry), red, cabernet franc, white dessert (VdN) and red dessert (VdN).


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35 Cox Neck Road, Mattituck, NY, US, 11952 Email:
Phone: 877-877-0527 Web:
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