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Hoch Orchard & Gardens

Hoch Orchard & Gardens We make several styles of cider. Cider is made with apple juice. Most of our apples don’t produce enough sugar to ferment above 7% alcohol by volume. Our ciders blended with other fruit usually fall between 5 and 6.5% abv. The most common style of cider is carbonated and put into beer bottles. We also make still cider which is flat like wine but below 7% abv. We put this cider in 750ml wine bottles with a wine cork. The third style we make is Ice Cider. This cider is higher in alcohol and falls into the table wine category 10 to 14% abv. We bottle into 325ml wine bottles with a cork.


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32553 Forster Road, LaCrescent, MN, US, 55947 Email:
Phone: 507-643-6329 Web:
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