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Anvil Distillery

Anvil Distillery Introducing Anvil Distillery’s “Grumpy’s Vodka”. Its our first bottled product. Hitting the stores near you in the next few weeks. Getting all the sugars out of the mash is a fun process. Rinsing helps, but too much and you lower the sugar content and increase your volume, which just means more time at the still. So we rinse lightly and now we are experimenting with squeezing out every last drop of our sweet mix. Its working well but the the pigs don’t like the spent grain as much since there’s not as much sugar as before. Posting a shot of some grains. After experimenting with the recipes and the distillation we now have the right combo of malted grains to corn ratios for a nice sweet flavor for our vodka, and quite a reasonable return on alcohol. We are doing this the traditional way with all grain, no liquid malts or purchased Neutral grain spirits re-distillation. Granted we are not grinding our own grains just yet….but its a really neat process to see evolve.


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117 S Sunset Street, Longmont, CO, US, 80132 Email:
Phone: 720-600-5103 Web:
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