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Wormtown Brewing - Worcester

Wormtown Brewing - Worcester In 1978, an underground DIY fanzine hit the streets of Worcester which covered the burgeoning local music scene and its inhabitants. Wormtown Punk Punk Press was gobbled up by the musicians and music fans of Worcester who craved news and information about the exciting sounds emanating from the local airwaves and rock clubs. Wormtown Punk Punk Press featured groups from Worcester like the Blue Moon Band and Crazy Jack, and from Boston like Willie Alexander, DMZ and The Real Kids. The 'zine hit a nerve in the city and those who were entranced with punk picked up on the name Wormtown and adopted it quickly to represent themselves and their emerging culture. Within a year an album showcasing the city's best punk bands entitled Wormtown '78 was produced, effectively branding the local music scene, and the city of Worcester, forever. ?Not everyone identifies with Wormtown. Not everyone is involved with the underground music scene in the city, not everyone is a fan of punk. But the name has stuck and has been adopted by countless Worcester citizens because it symbolizes and embraces the free spirited do-it-yourself ethic that is simply Worcester. Over the years it has meant many things to many people and sometimes frowned upon as derogatory by some, when actually it helped change the culture of the city in a way where anyone could strike out on their own and create music, art or a collective of liked minded individuals. Wormtown Brewery has that same spirit - they are creating something unique to add to the mix in our city. Will it change Worcester the way music did back in the late '70s? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, there is nothing that goes better with good music than good beer.


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72 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA, US, 01604 Email:
Phone: 774-239-1555 Web:
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