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Mountain Dome Winery

Mountain Dome Winery Our first crush was in September of 1984 in which we pressed one ton of grapes that were hand harvested in the Columbia River Basin. Following the classic proportions of 1/3 Chardonnay and 2/3 Pinot Noir, we pressed the grapes in our kitchen and fermented them in a small stainless tank. The harvest in 1985 and 1986 also were one ton. We experimented with different yeasts and vineyards. In 1987 we purchased a Willmes tank press and started building the first part of the winery. Our crush that year was 6 tons. These first vintages started our reserve wine program. In 1988 we started to ferment exclusively in small French oak barrels and experimented with malo-lactic fermentation. TastingOur current production is 6,000 cases per year. From 1987 to 1990 we used David Ramey, then from Matanzas Creek Winery, as our consultant. Currently our consultant is Raphael Brisbois, who has been the wine maker for the sparkling wines at Iron Horse and most recently at Piper Sonoma. The 9,500 square foot winery and 4,000 square foot geodesic dome were built entirely by our family. The winery is temperature controlled all year around and serves as the "chai" for the barrels and the "caves" for the bottle aging. A 150,000 square foot underground bottle storage cave is planned for 2003. We have state of the art equipment and use both hand riddling and the Northwest's first Gyro-matic riddler from France. This computer controlled riddling machine uses the same program as our hand riddling but works 24 hours a day.

Mountain Dome Winery is located on 85 acres of land in the foothills of Mount Spokane only 30 minutes from downtown Spokane (16315 East Temple Road) and less than three hours from the vineyards.

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16315 E. Temple Road, Spokane, WA, US, 99217 Email:
Phone: 509-928-2788 Web:
Fax: 509-922-8078
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Mountain Dome 1997 Brut is a blend of seventeen separate base wines that were fermented mainly in small French oak barrels, adding complexity and depth to our Vintage Brut. The Whisky Creek Vineyard near Walla Walla has four separate clones of Pinot Noir contributing to this sparkling wine's strength and balance. The long period of sur lees (bottle) aging brings out the toasty and nutty bouquet. The 1997 Vintage is finished in the Brut style of sweetness and compliments many foods while being able to stand on its own as a world class sparkling wine. This Washington State sparkling wine is enjoyable now and will age gracefully for years to come.
  Brut Rosè
This is Mountain Dome's third release of our multi-vintage Brut Rosé. Made in the traditional French "saignee" method, the Pinot Noir grapes were crushed and allowed to sit on their skins for 14 hours. This gives the wine its unique vibrant color and complex taste. A small amount of specially fermented Pinot Noir was also added to the cuvée to increase the rich color that is characteristic of fine sparkling Rosé. "Salmon in color. Aromatic, with toasty, earthy notes and creamy berry and citrus floavors hovering over the soft finish." H.S. Wine Spectator Sept 2000. Wine Spectator 2002 Washington State Edition "87". Silver Medal Tasters Guild International Awards 2000
  Non Vintage Brut
Our Non-Vintage blend is really a cuvée comprised of our reserve wines from six different years. It is fruity with a long finish and is clearly within the brut range of sweetness. It is very approachable now and it has good aging potential due to the extended bottle aging. The gnome label represents our family of six and was designed by John Mraz of Spokane, Washington. "Soft and appealing for its pepper, pear and spice flavors, which echo nicely on the creamy finish." H.S. Wine Spectator September 2000. Wine spectator Washington State Edition "88" September 2002. Triple Gold Medal at the San Diego Internationa Wine Competion 2000. Gold Medal Tasters Guild 2000. Silver Medal at the Tri-Cities Wine Festival 2000
  Pleasant Prairie Pinot Noir
Mountain Dome first still wine is a Pinot Noir from our favorite sparkling vineyard Crystal Pheasant. This vineyard is high above the Columbia River Gorge near White Salmon Washington.The growing conditions at this vineyards in 1998, were ideal for making a still wine as the growning season was exceptionally long and warm. The wine was made in a classic Burgundy style with eighteen months in French oak barrels, half of which were new. The wine was bottled without any fining or filtering.
  Tete Cuvèe
Mountain Dome Cuvée Forté is a special blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier from four separate vineyards. The growing conditions at our vineyards, in 1995, were ideal for making a Teté de Cuvée. Only the best barrels were used to make this distinctive blend. Whisky Creek vineyards, near Walla Walla, has four separate clones of Pinot Noir which adds diversity to Mountain Dome's style of strength and complexity. The French oak barrels also add depth to this wine and the long period of sur lees (bottle aging) offers a wine that is rich in texture and full bodied. The Cuvée Forté is finished in the brut style and is a stellar example of the best the 20th Century has to offer


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