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Invictus Brewing Co.

Invictus Brewing Co. Like a lot of start-up breweries, the idea for Invictus grew out of a home brewing hobby gone rogue. Our President, Previn Solberg had always been a craft beer fan and despite his desire to home brew, he found the hobby to be intimidating. That is until 2013, when he met Troy Wolter when their kids were in the same kindergarten class and he found out that Troy had been home brewing for many years. Troy invited Previn to his garage to brew a batch of beer and show him the ropes. Previn was instantly hooked. The two brewed several batches together and started developing their own recipes. Fast forward several months, Previn started researching the craft beer industry. He talked to other brewers, experts in the industry, read countless articles and started putting together a business plan. He did this behind his wife's back until it got to the point where he either needed to stop dreaming or do something about it. So, one evening, he decided to confess his scheme to his wife. After a long discussion, she said "Let's do it" knowing that there was no turning back at that time.


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2025 105th Avenue NE, Blaine, MN, US, 55449 Email:
Phone: 763-208-3063 Web:
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