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Corsair Artisan Distillery Headquarters

Corsair Artisan Distillery Headquarters In early 2010, Corsair Artisan officially became a licensed brewery and distillery in the state of Tennessee. The Nashville facility is located in the Marathon Motorworks Village. This historic building, located at 1200 Clinton St, is the former home of Yazoo Brewery. This location provides the setting for brewing all of the whiskey mash for Corsair’s traditional and experimental whiskeys. In addition to all the needed brewing equipment, Corsair’s Nashville facility also boasts a 240 gallon still. This still (formerly housed at our Bowling Green location) is a circa 1920 classic pot still that survived prohibition. Originally a gin still, we use it for the first or “wash” pass and often for the second or “spirits” pass when making whiskey.


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601 Merritt Avenue, Nashville, TN, US, 37203 Email:
Phone: 615-499-6577 Web:
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