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Far Eastern Shore Winery

Far Eastern Shore Winery Far Eastern Shore Winery is a family-owned, boutique micro-winery located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, in the historic town of Easton. We produce less than 200 cases of each of our wines annually, so we hand-fill and label each and every bottle! While we would enjoy your company in touring our facility, our zoning does not currently permit us to do this. Right now, you can only sample our wines at the Maryland Wine Festivals! We are in the process of expanding both our production capacity as well as our wine selection, so be sure to visit our website frequently to check up on our progress!


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7073 Dogwood Terrace, Easton, MD, US, 21601 Email:
Phone: 410-829-5305 Web:
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  Autumn Swan Blanc
White Cranberry Juice is less tart than regular cranberry juice due to an earlier harvest than the traditional red cranberries. Our wine bursts with the sweetness that has made white cranberry a unique and popular flavor in juice. This wine is very easy to drink and is perfect for backyard barbecues and sharing with friends. Cheers! Made with white cranberry juice on a Pinot Gris base.
  Black Swan Rouge
The natural combination of slight tart acidity with pleasant sweetness that makes Blackberries so appealing is perfect with the robust and lively dark grape wine backing. The balance of berry fruit, natural acidity, plump sweetness and just that touch of zingy edge makes this a uniquely interesting, drinkable refresher. Cheers! Blackberries on a Cabernet Sauvignon base.
  Summer Swan Blanc
Delicious peach and apricot flavors are blended with a light grape wine for a thirst-quenching delight. This blending possesses a subtle dryness and perfectly balanced acidity, with hints of its own citrus and fruit flavors. The result is irresistibly refreshing and perfect for any occasion. Cheers! Peach and Apricot on a Chardonnay base.
  Swan's Blush
The medium-pink grape wine lays the groundwork with its exuberant strawberry notes, tangy acidity, and crisp, delicate finish. The natural strawberry flavor weaves in a pleasant sweetness for an immediate and delicious sensation. Fresh and lively, Strawberry Wine is a natural fruit-and-wine combination that was simply meant to be. Cheers! Strawberries on a White Merlot base.
  Wild Swan Rouge
We've matched up a special blend of wild field berries blended seamlessly together with delicious, juicy dark grape wine. Taste blueberries, strawberries and blackberries, with an exquisite balance of refreshing fruit and acidity that will have you at the bottom of your glass before you know it. Cheers! Wild berries on a Shiraz base.


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