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Veritas Vineyards

Veritas Vineyards Veritas Winery is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The recently planted 20-acre vineyard is ideally located on southeast facing slopes. Our new wines from young vines are made by combining the intimate relationship between winegrower and winemaker. Sit on our winery deck and enjoy the true spirit and enthusiasm of Veritas. Hours: Mar.-Dec., Wed.-Mon. 10a.m.-6p.m. (10a.m.-5p.m. Nov. and Dec.); Jan.-Feb., Fri.-Mon. 11a.m.-5p.m.

From Charlottesville: I-64 west, exit 107. West on Rt. 250 for 6 miles to Rt. 151. South 3 miles to Rt. 6, west 1.3 miles to Saddleback Farm. Turn right. From Staunton: I-64 east to exit 99. East on Rt. 250 for 2.3 miles to Rt. 6. East 2 miles to Saddleback Farm. Turn left.

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145 Saddleback Farm, Afton, VA, US, 22920 Email:
Phone: 540-456-8000 Web:
Fax: 540-456-8483
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  Cabernet Franc
Our Cabernet Franc is yet another star in our increasing galaxies of Cabernet Franc—a charming character of the Veritas terroir. The style remains that of the Loire Valley in France: medium bodied, light, and almost vivacious in appearance. This is a Quaffing wine—light and lovely.
  Cabernet Franc Reserve
The Cabernet Franc Reserve was made by carefully selecting the best of our estate grown grapes that we feel express the unique characteristics of the vineyard. 2006 was a brilliant growing season that produced a deep ruby red wine with grace and finesse. The bouquet promises dark fruit, cherry and even a hint of cassis that go on to fill the mouth with cascades of well balanced blackberry, black cherry and plum. Mature yet assertive tannins are as soft and comforting as velvet, embracing a lingering finish that confirms the promise of the wine - everything a Cabernet Franc can be.
Veritas Chardonnay is one hundered percent estate grown. As a result we are able to optimize growing conditions and ensure that the grapes express the terroir of the Blue Ridge. 2007 was a superior growing year, the result, ripe superior fruit that made ripe superior wine; made entirely in stainless steel without barrel aging and malolactic conversion. The wine has soft aromas of honey, apples and pears that are followed by the taste of fresh honeyed fruit that culminates in a crisp and tangy finish. Don't think ABC - Anything But Chardonnay - think NBC - Nothing But Chardonnay
Originally an English term, our Claret is made up of a Bordeaux blend of 50% Cabernet Franc, Merlot 35% and 15% Petit Verdot. Ruby red yet crystal clear, the bouquet has a delicate balance of herbs, dark fruit and spice.
Harlequin is a wine to make you smile with the early pleasure of subtle, yet complex aromas of tropical fruit, pears, apricots and a hint of rose petals. Peaches and cream on the palate finish with a rich textured caramel and butterscotch. A blend of 75% barrel fermented Chardonnay, 20% Viognier, and 5% Traminette. Harlequin is a harmony of smiles that result from the sheer pleasure of drinking the wine
  Harlequin Reserve Chardonnay
Harlequin is the masked, multicolored symbol of fun, music and laughter that characterizes our Reserve Chardonnay. The bouquet is a wonderfully synthesis of fruits and delicate nuances of oak. The taste is mouth-wateringly fresh with almost contradictory smoothness;luxurious flavors of candied apples,pears, pineapple and grapefruit unfold finishing with a dessert of creamy vanilla,hazelnuts and butterscotch. The finish lasts and lasts and lasts finally leaving a big grin of satisfaction
Kenmar, is the wine women want. Call it what you want, this is a wine of outstanding aromatic intensity. Seductive might be the right word, alluring another; Kenmar excites the sense of smell with the honeyed luxury of fragrant roses. Acidity is the key to the harmonious balance of tropical fruit, crystalized citrus and honey that fills the mouth and settles triumphantly on the palate, filling up all the space, finishing with mellifluous harmony.
  Late Harvest Viognier
Our Viognier has a residual sugar of three percent, which makes it sweet but not too sweet. The aroma has a heady perfume of apricots, honeysuckle and tropical fruits. It is rich with a taste that confirms the expectation of the aroma, smooth and complex with a very slight characteristic bitterness in the finish typical of Viognier. A wonderful wine for desert or even as an aperitif with almonds and figs.
The wines for our second vintage Meritage were selected from the best French and American Oak barrels. This year, the wine is composed of 60% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot, and 20% Petit Verdot. Beautifully clear, deep red in color with a bouquet that promises soft yet complex aromas of dark fruit. Tasting confirms the aromas as layers of luscious cherry, blackberry and cassis unfold, to give soft friendly tannins, which extend into a long lasting finish. Best with Red meat with meat on the side.
Ruby red in color, our Merlot has a soft and embracing bouquet fragrant with cherries and raspberries which are softened with hints of chalk and earth tones. Easy to drink and medium-bodied, the mouth feel is full as layers of red and black fruit unfold with subtle hints of earthiness. The tannic structure gives a firm mouth feel with a lasting, slightly peppery finish.
Oh, be some other name - What's in a name? That which we call Champagne by any other name would taste as sweet (or as dry). It's time to think Pink - sparkling Pink Bubbly, full of fun and zest. Our Bubbly is as bubbly as bubbles get. It was made just like they made Bubbly in the good old days, the "methode traditionale" which means that the wine was actually made in the bottle, taking two years of patient aging before release. Composed of equal amounts of Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, the nose tickles the taste buds with bright fruit and sherbert. Somewhere between Brut and Extra Dry, the wine tastes of cherries and fresh raspberries wrapped up in a toasty and creamy finish. The balance is as perfect as balance can be.
Othello, our noble hero, held high in men’s regard, epitomizes our ruby-styled Port wine fortified to win the heart of Port aficionados. Do not think of Othello as a Port in a storm; it is crafted with three grape varieties in equal proportions—Tannat, Touriga Nacional and Petit Verdot, and then aged for two years in oak.
  Petit Manseng
Petit Manseng is the grape of Jurancon in South Western France. A Seductive aroma of tropical fruits, Pina Colada, Pineapple and Cinnamon arouse the senses to experience the smooth, mouth filling enticingly delicate flavors of this unique grape.
  Petit Verdot
It turns out that despite conventional wisdom our best single varietal red wine is Petit Verdot. Fruit, pepper and spice make up the bouquet. Texturally soft, the mouth feel is unashamedly Luxurious as rich black fruits unfold into layers of mocha spice and coffee.
  Red Star
Red Star is the latest star in the Veritas galaxy of wines. A delicate blend of Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin, this deep red, full-bodied table wine has the aromas of soft red fruits with a hint of toasty oak. The texture of the wine is soft and comforting; a comfort wine for comfort food—anything from cheesy pasta—Fettucini Alfredo, to bangers and mash. You’ll love it.
A lovely light salmon pink color with floral aromas and a round rich palate that tastes of fresh red fruit and herbs. A blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot the wine is very enjoyable and will please those who like their roses crisp with just a touch of sweetness.
  Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh, fresh and refresh are the words that characterize our Sauvignon Blanc. Crystal clear and as pale as the yellow winter sunlight; you can actually breathe in the heady aromas of lime blossom, fennel, citrus white peaches, pears and fresh mown grass. Natural zingy freshness accentuates the fruity boquet with watering flavors of citrus, apples, pears and apricot. Perfect to wash down all manner of seafood; oysters would plead for this wine--then anything from crabs to clams. The sooner you drink it, the better it is, echoing laughter, fun and the joy of youth
  Veritas Vintner's Reserve
VR or Vintner’s Reserve is the best red wine of the vintage. This is the flagship of our fleet of robust Veritas reds. Ruby red, the bouquet is a delicate balance of red fruits: strawberry and raspberry enveloped in comforting oak. Cascades of fruit confirm the aroma, combining a rich yet soft tannic structure on the palate. Vanilla, cedar and caramel give way to a lasting finish.
Remember the old ABC line (Anything But Chardonnay)? Well this year our Viognier is everything but Chardonnay. Viognier is Chardonnay’s sensual exotic sister who charms the unwary with lush fruit flavors and heady aromas. A full-bodied, pale golden wine, our Viognier produces an elusive, almost tantalizing bouquet of apricots, peaches and white flowers. The first impression is an uplifting fruit-filled rush that tastes of ripe peaches, honey, fresh orange peel and lychees.


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