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Wagner Vineyards

Wagner Vineyards Wagner Vineyards is the largest estate winery in the Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes region is a unique area with beautiful scenery, narrow deep lakes and sloping hillsides. The slopes of Seneca Lake provide a microclimate, which is perfect for growing and producing premium grapes. Wagner Vineyards opened in 1979 and is located on the east side of Seneca Lake. Tour through the unique octagonal winery and extensive wine cellars. Taste award-winning wines as well as visit our restaurant, expansive gift shop and microbrewery. Open year round enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of our vineyards, the surrounding countryside, Seneca Lake and the distant hills.

Convenient access from New York Thruway Exits 41 & 42 9322 Route 414 • Lodi, NY 14860 (3 1/2 miles south of Lodi

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9322 Route 414, Lodi, NY, US, 14860 Email:
Phone: 607-582-6450 Web:
Fax: 607-582-6446
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  Alta B
Named in honor of Bill Wagner's mother, this was the first of our Alta series. It is a semi-sweet red wine that is fruity, soft and pleasant. Best served chilled.
  Alta Blanc
One of three in our Alta series, named in honor of Bill Wagner's mother. A soft and fruity white wine that is enjoyable with light foods or as an aperitif.
  Alta Blush
One of three wines in our Alta series, named after Bill Wagner's mother, this light fruity blush wine is semi-sweet and pleasant as a picnic wine.
  Cabernet Franc
A full-bodied dry red with lively fruitiness, aromas of respberry and black cherry with a smooth, supple finish.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A full 12 months in oak barrels to develop aromas of toasty black stone fruit with vanilla. Ripe berry flavors and balanced acidity make this a very food friendly wine. Try it with robust meat dishes or dark chocolate.
  Cayuga White
A semi-sweet wine with delicate, fruity flavor and an especially pleasant anc clean aftertaste. Perfect with light foods or as a sipping wine.
  Champagne Brut
A traditional blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with mouth-filling fruit and a creamy finish. It is a versatile food wine that should be enjoyed often. To retain the effervescence, champagne is best served well chilled.
  Champagne Riesling
A sparking wine made from Riesling grapes. This handcrafted bubbly is slightly sweet with fruity flowery aromas of apricots and peaches. Perfect for all occasions.
  Chardonnay BF
A full-bodied, complex wine with intense Chardonnay fruit; well balanced with hints of butter and vanilla. Enjoy with flavorful chicken or seafood dishes.
  Chardonnay Reserve
An elegant wine that is big on the palate with ripe fruit and citrus overtones balanced by distinctive oak. Very smooth with a lingering complexity.
  Chardonnay SS
Fermented cool in stainless steel. Flavors of ripe pear & tropical fruit with a hint of vanilla and a well balanced smooth finish.
  De Chaunac
Medium bodied with aromas of peppers and eucalyptus plus hints of vanilla and oak. Enjoy it with hearty fare such as venison and beef.
The most recognized of the eastern varietals, our Delaware is bursting with the sweet fruit flavors of the grape. Try this poured over fresh mixed fruit.
  Gewurztraminer Ferm Dry
A dry wine of intense characteristics. Strong spiciness on the palate combines with floral and citrus overtones; a great match for Asian or Mexican foods.
  Gewurztraminer Semi
This semi-dry wine is full of distinctive spicy fruit flavors from the Gewürztraminer grape. The fragrant bouquet and aromas are reminiscent of lychee nuts. Complements teriyaki, Mexican dishes, and many light foods.
A light, semi-dry wine full of aromas of peaches and apricots and mouth filling flavors of green apple. "Fruit salad in a glass!" Unique to the Finger Lakes area, this varietal was developed by Cornell University at the NYS Experiment Station in Geneva.
A traditional oak aged Bordeaux blend which exhibits wonderful rich flavors, depth and balance. This medium bodied wine has soft tannins and a smoky vanilla character that complements the ripe plum and berry flavors.
A medium bodied red with bright fruit flavors, rich yet soft tannins and the ripe aromas of black cherries and plums with hints of vanilla.
An outstanding example of Niagara at its best, ours displays the intense, rich characteristics of this native grape. An excellent sipping wine.
  OCR(Octagon Cellars Reserve)
  Pinot Noir Grace House
Our Grace House wine represent a more delicate style emphasizing fruit, softer tannins and a light touch of oak. This wine is a medium red in color with a bouquet of strawberries and cinnamon. Serve with seafood, pasta and chicken.
  Pinot Noir Reserve
A very special bottling of world class Pinot Noir. A year in small oak puncheons gives this wine an intensely spicy aroma balanced by pleasant black cherry and a subtle touch of vanilla. A perfect match for grilled salmon, pasta, chicken, turkey, seafood.
  Reserve Blush
A blush of medium body and fresh fruit flavors, this semi-sweet wine is enjoyable for any occasion with a variety of foods. Our "White Zinfandel".
  Reserve Red
A versatile wine that is light bodied and smooth, full of fruit with a hint of oak flavor. Enjoy with pasta, beef, chicken, pork and as a sipping wine.
  Reserve White
A dry versatile wine that is light on the palate with soft fruit overtones. Serve with foods such as roast chicken, fresh water fish or pasta with light sauces.
  Riesling Dry
Aromas of peaches and apricots combine with citrus flavors in a medium bodied, truly dry Riesling. Enjoyable with light meals.
  Riesling Ice Wine
Our reputation for producing medal winning Ice Wines is reinforced with this release of Riesling Ice Wine. Light gold in color with fresh aromas of apricots and overtones of honey. The taste is rich and lively on the palate with a well balanced lingering finish. Complements a variety of desserts, fresh fruit or chocolates. Also an excellent dessert on its own! RS 13.2%
  Riesling Johannisberg Select
Our sweetest Riesling, this wine contains the intense aromas of sun-ripened apricots and citrus fruits. Serve with sweet and sour chicken, pork dishes or with sharp cheddar cheese and fresh bread. This is an excellent sipping wine.
  Riesling Semi
A well balanced wine with flavors of fresh pears, melons and dried apricots that expand in a long, lingering finish. Outstanding as a sipping wine or with hors d' oeuvres.
  Seyval Blanc BF
A dry wine of intense characteristics. Strong spiciness on the palate combines with floral and citrus overtones; a great match for Asian or Mexican foods.
  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
Bursting with the rich aromas and flavors of peach and pineapple! Try this wine with cheesecake or other rich desserts. RS 15.4%
A sweet wine rich in tropical fruit flavors and aromas, with the unique flavor of pineapple carrying over into the finish. Serve with rich desserts or as a sipping wine. Try using Vignoles to baste ham.
  Vignoles Ice Wine
A rich dessert wine abundant with the aroma and taste of exotic tropical fruits. The unique flavors of pineapple and papaya fill the mouth culminating in an expansive lingering finish. Enjoy this wine with dark chocolates, cheesecake or chocolate truffles and ripe strawberries. RS 14.8%
  Vignoles Late Harvest
A luscious late harvest wine, with aromas of wild honey and pineapple providing perfect contrast for the ripe tropical flavor of fresh mango. RS 8.6%


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