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Keepsake Cidery

Keepsake Cidery We are a partnership of three striving to make a delicious, high quality cider from simple ingredients and time honored methods. Based out of Dundas, Minnesota, just south of the Twin Cities, we have a philosophy centered around healthy living. This includes work, play, food and drink. Our desire is to bring forth a beverage that you want to drink on a regular basis. A cider that is simple in ingredients but complex in flavor, with a variety of types that will appeal to many tastes. The cidery buzzes in the middle of Woodskeep Farm. Many family and friends helped plant the orchard in the spring of 2014, and when in full production, the surrounding trees will provide the bulk of apples for pressing. We hope to be an organic operation eventually, something we feel strongly about in the vision of healthy living. Until then, we are picking and pressing apples from local orchards that are either low spray or no spray. From planting the trees, to picking, pressing, fermenting, and bottling we are hands on throughout the entire process. We believe that our dedication to this process shines through in every bottle of Keepsake Cidery hard cider. --


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135th St East, Dundas, MN, US, 55019 Email:
Phone: 413-552-8872 Web:
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