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DeCorsa Vineyard & Farm Winery

DeCorsa Vineyard & Farm Winery The vineyard was started in 2009 with our first 150 grapes. It is woman owned, family built and run. The winery buildings use many recycled materials; lumber was locally harvested and sawed. The barn was built about the 1920s and moved from two miles away, saved from imminent collapse. We grow all or most of what we make into wine. No herbicides, cultivating instead, or pesticides are used in the vineyard. Trellises are constructed from locally harvested tamarack, white oak, and cedar posts. We do not use treated posts! The winery is totally “off the grid”, making electric with solar and wind. A windmill pumps water using gravity to supply the winery and irrigate the vineyard. Wine is stored in a below-ground wine cellar at 45 to 65 degrees winter and summer using no energy. Our wines are processed without pumping or filtering. They are bottled, corked, and labeled by hand. Labels are printed with antique Letterpress printing methods by us.


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40306 Torchlight Road, Isle, MN, US, 56342 Email:
Phone: 320-676-8823 Web:
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