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McPherson Cellars

McPherson Cellars The McPherson family has made wines of exceptional quality in Texas and California for over 25 years. Kim and his father, Doc, have been prominent figures in the growth of the Texas wine market since its beginning. Doc was the founder of one of the first and now largest vineyards in Texas, Llano Estacado, and continues to produce award winning wines across the lone star state. The wines at McPherson Cellars are made from only premium quality grapes grown primarily on the Texas High Plains. Kim believes in, "planting to the land" and so his focus reflects the climate of the Rhone and Italian varietals of Italy. Located in the heart of the pan handle, McPherson Cellars reflects the passion and dedication that goes into every beautifully crafted glass of wine.


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1615 Texas Avenue, Lubbock, TX, US, 79401 Email:
Phone: 806-687-9463 Web:
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  La Herencia
  McPherson Cabernet Sauvignon
The Texas high Plains are a prime place to grow Cabernet Sauvignon in Texas because of the warm days, cool nights and sandy loam soil. McPherson Cabernet is recognized for smooth, soft tannins and glows with bright cherry, plum and berry characteristic of grapes from this area. Aging in French Oak barrels for 12 months adds complexity and rounds out this dry, medium-bodied, and eminently drinkable, wine.
  McPherson Sangiovese
Sangiovese is a classic grape of the Tuscany region and makes Italy’s finest Chianti and Brunello wines. My father was the first to discover that it is a perfect grape for the Texas High Plains and planted it in 1996. McPherson Sangiovese is soft and mellow with bright flavors and aromas of cherry, plum and spice. It is often described as, "Old World" in style by wine experts.
  McPherson Syrah
Syrah is a classic grape of the French Rhone region and it adapts beautifully to the climate and soil of far West Texas. The deep, dark purple color of my Syrah is matched by the deep rich aromas and flavors of blackberry, blueberry, plum and pepper. Aged 12 months in French Oak enhances the wines "velvet glove" softness and intriguing wisp of smoke.
  McPherson Tre Colore
Long ago in a vineyard far, far away, the forces of three Rhone varieties; Carignan, Syrah and Viognier were united. Their goal was to forge a union that would be of galactic proportions. Intense and often rebellious berry character from Carignan, rich smoky violet aromas from Syrah and the tropical flavors of Viognier are the heart of this unique blend. Together, these three wines spent time in the craft of an old master vintner, were aged to perfection and melded into a wine that could take on an empire of food.
  McPherson Viognier
West Texas is an ideal place to produce classic French Rhone varietal grapes and our McPherson Cellars Viognier is a wonderful example. It is a superb alternative to Chardonnay for those who enjoy complex, full-bodied white wines. This handcrafted wine is dry, soft and rich, with aromas of pear, apple, citrus and tropical fruit intermingled with slight hints of oak.
  Reserve Roussanne
Our Reserve Roussanne is dry, with candy lemon drop flavors and a delicate, herbaceous, tea-like aroma. Made with grapes from Bingham Vineyards, in the Texas High Plains, this wine is truly distinctive.
  Rose of Grenache-Syrah
The quest to find the perfect rose has begun. Who better to lead this quest then Grenache with its rich, smoky violet aromas and the rebellious berry character of Syrah. Searching vineyards far and wide, Grenache, Syrah and a crafter vintner, with many years in the trade, have forged a union that will last a lifetime, creating the full-bodied, complex Rose` contained in this unassuming vessel; Friends and food rejoice, the quest is over.
Our Roussanne is dry and exceptionally aromatic. Grapefruit, lemon-lime, and nectarines bombard the aroma. On the palette, this wine is full of herbaceous tea-like aromas and melt in your mouth candy lemon drop flavors. The delicate mineral notes of this wine pair well with veal, light fish, or even chicken potpie. This refreshing wine is nice anytime of the year.


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