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Stonehaus Winery

Stonehaus Winery Stonehaus Winery is located high atop Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau. Stonehaus Winery is open to visitors 7 days a week year-round. Taste our fine wines from the dry Cabernet Sauvignon to the fruity Muscadine. Watch a free DVD tour of the Winery. All aspects of the wine making process are covered from the history of Stonehaus, the grape growing, the crushing of grapes, the wine making process, and the bottling process.

Stonehaus Winery is located high atop Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau on Interstate I-40 at exit 320. Stonehaus Winery is approximately 114 from Nashville and 72 miles from Knoxville.

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2444 Genesis Road, Crossville, TN, US, 38558 Email:
Phone: 931-484-9463 Web:
Fax: 931-484-9425
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  Centennial Selection
This wine celebrates Crossville's first 100 years.We chose our Muscadine wine to honor this outstanding event. The Muscadine grape grows wild in the Crossville area. Many people in the Crossville area grew up hearing this grape referred to as the "Fox grape". Further, our Muscadine wine is our most popular variety. Therefore, it is appropriate for this wine to be used to honor Crossville's first 100 years!
A very dry white wine made entirely from the classic Chardonnay grape variety considered to be the "Best White Wine Grape" in the world. It is full bodied and has the characteristic "Toasted' oak aroma and citrus - buttery flavors. Serve chilled with fish, chicken, turkey, veal, pork, lamb or game dishes with herbs - white or light sauce.
  Cumberland Gold
A sweet, rich, golden colored wine just bursting with that wonderful fresh aroma and flavor found only in a tree ripened peach. Just close your eyes and picture a nice cool, shady orchard in the country. Chill well and serve as an after dinner wine. This wine goes well with mild cream cheeses such as Brie, Camembert or Havarti. It is also delicious over vanilla ice cream and peaches.
  Davenport Red
A semi-sweet red wine made from the widely planted Concord grape. Serve lightly chilled or at room temperature with your favorite Italian food such as spaghetti, ravioli or lasagna.
  Helena Blush
A sweet, fruit wine with a distinct Labrusca flavor and aroma. This wine is the result of extensive blending of various grape varieties to achieve the perfect balance. Serve chilled as an after dinner wine or as a special surprise when unexpected guests arrive.
  Homestead White
A semi-dry white wine made from a blend of Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, and Cayuga grapes. This wine should be chilled and served with seafood, poultry and pasta with creamy white sauces.
  Lantana White
A light, fruity, semi-sweet white wine made from a perfect blend of French-American hybrid and native American grapes. Serve chilled, it is excellent with poultry, seafood, cheeses and fruit.
A very dry and deep red wine made entirely from the famous Merlot grape variety. It is velvety soft and has a rich core of Plum and Blackberry flavors. Serve at cool room temperature with beef, lamb, venison, pheasant, smoked turkey, goose or duck.
Our most popular - a sweet and distinctly flavored white wine made from the native American Muscadine grapes. This grape variety has been referred to as "God's gift to the sunny south". Serve chilled as an aperitif, dessert or just plain "enjoy" wine.
  Orange Squeeze
This light and lively sweet, orange, juicy wine will add kick to any meal from a tailgate party to a celebration dinner. It is also a perfect opportunity to give someone you love "A Little Squeeze". It is certainly a squeeze play that everyone should tackle. ORANGE SCORES AGAIN.
  Raspberry Mist
This sweet, light, red wine has a perfect balance of raspberry and grape flavors. You can experience the fresh berry aroma and taste without going into the patch. Serve slightly chilled as a special afternoon, evening, or dessert beverage. It goes well with sweet baked pastries, mild cheeses, unsalted or lightly salted nuts.


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Jimmy Ash says...
Lantana white is my favorite and then Davenport red