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Sumner Crest Winery

Sumner Crest Winery In the summer of 1997 two brothers opened Sumner Crest Winery. They located it only miles from where they grew up and named it after the county that they loved. Their passion for the people and the soil of northern Tennessee gave the firm foundation on which they built a dream. Starting with only a few wines, grown on estate vineyards, the word soon spread of its distinctive character and demand grew. The diversity of the clientele demanded a larger tasting list ranging from the wonderful desert wines and floral expressions of native fruit, to the classical varietals of Europe and California. The wines were placed into national and international competitions, winning numerous awards. In 2000, they collected 19 medals and the respect of oenophiles everywhere. The winery started holding outdoor concerts in 2000. The evening air was filled with the sound of jazz, and the laughter of friends.

Take exit 117 off Interstate 65. Turn left off the exit ramp. Located right of Shell Station.

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5306 Old Hwy 52, Portland, TN, US, 37148 Email:
Phone: 615-325-4086 Web:
Fax: 615-325-6360
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  Cabernet Savignon 2000
Probably the best buy in our tasting list, this cab has everything needed to be a great wine. Ripe fruits, generous tannins, a spicy mid-palate, and a great price for an exceptional wine. For those who love cabernet, you are sure to impart on an affair with Sumner Crest. Drink now or age.
A sweet, spicy wine with the aroma of frest fruit. serve with chicken, fish, pasta and fresh fruit. great for front porch sippin' also.
  Chardonnay 2000
Its glowing fruit is right up front, layering into the soft sur lie textures that round this wonderful wine. Soft acids find a perfect balance with fruit and oak to ensure your enjoyment.
  Merlot 2000
Rich, expressive and pure delight, this Merlot will impress. Dark cherry fruit opens this garnet colored wine. The soft tannins support mid-palate with a heavenly plum finish. This merlot will age well. Enjoy with hearty red meats, pastas, and ripe aged cheese.
Grown solely in the south, this wonderful wine is distinctive in taste. its floral bouquet and rich fruit is highlighted by its rounded sweetness. perfect as an apertif or dessert.
  New Deal Sweet
The sweetest of the red wines, this fruity, light red is well suited as a sipping wine. serve as a dessert or simply enjoy it anytime you'd like.
This wine is a semisweet, white wine, native to tennessee. Enjoy its rich and honey sweetness. serve well chilled anytime day or night.
  Orlinda Gold
One of our specialty wines, you'll enjoy the ripe peach taste of this sweet wine. Serve as a apertif or dessert. Bronze-ISF, Bronze-TN)
  Pioneer Blush
This blush has supple floral accents, similar to the American favorite, white zinfendel. serve with cheese, chicken or fish.
This sweet, yet strong wine has its origins in the mountains of Portugal. Fortified with the finest brandy to create a complex layered wine that will warm the heart and soul.
  Portland Strawberry Blush
With Portland, TN being the strawberry capitol of the state, we had to have a strawberry wine. Experience the fresh strawberry taste year round. Serve as an apertif or dessert.
A semisweet white wine, made in the traditional german style. enjoy the spicey aromatic, fruity taste of the vineyard. try with pork, seafood, and fresh vegetables.
  Robertson King
Robust and expressive, this semisweet lambrusco fills the palate. a great wine to share with frienda over a bar-b-que, and yes...even pizza. serve chilled or at room temperature.
This dry wine is made with the style of a Sauvignon Blanc. Its bright citrus and apricot fruit will refresh any pallet on a summer day. Serve chilled with cheese, fish or crackers.
A beautiful bouquet, followed by plentiful fruit held by its underlying acids, makes this blush great for all occasions. Serve well chilled.
  Sumner Crest Champagne Brut
using the same traditional methods as the demi-sec, the brut is simly a drier version. brut does not have a hint of sweetness, but the subtlty allows for the layered fruit of the curvee to express itself with great finess.
  Sumner Crest Champagne Demi-Sec
We have gone to great lengths to bring you the finest champagne. bottle fermented, and hand turned, this 100% Tennessee champagne is demi-sec ( a little sweet) and like no other you will find. toast to the new year, friends, and family with sumner crest's finest.
  Sumner Queen
A semidry white wine, the Sumner Queen is a blend of Riesling and French Hybrid varietals. Ripe fruit and balanced acids make this a wonderful wine for the summer or just about any time of the year. Serve with fruit, cheese or white meats.
  Tennnessee Blackberry
Rich and experssive theis cobbler like wine is always a favorite. Perfect with or as a dessert. (Bronze-ISF, Bronze-TG)


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