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Six Mile Creek Distillery

Six Mile Creek Distillery The pioneer spirit runs deep in the Bluegrass – we feel it in the earth, sense it churning with the rushing rivers and streams. That spirit – wild, free, full of possibility – gives flavor to all the spirits we make at Six Mile Creek Distillery. Our founder, Damien Prather, braved the dangers of the frontier to live free – and make whiskey. Here on Six Mile Creek, that same independent, risk-taking streak courses through Damien’s blood. He had a vision of the perfect craft distillery – without ever having been to a distillery. Instead, he educated himself on the history of distilling by reading every book he could find. As he began to involve experts in distilling and historic structures in his vision, Damien began personally clearing the needed land on the family farm – just as his proud ancestors helped carve this nation out of the wilderness. The impressive result is Six Mile Creek Distillery. Here a drink of bourbon warms … refreshes and restores … and keeps all of us close to our roots – that wild pioneer spirit that never stops searching.


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12606 Castle Highway, Pleasureville, KY, US, 12606 Email:
Phone: 502-518-6600 Web:
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