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Blank & Booth Distilling Co.

Blank & Booth Distilling Co. Blank and Booth Distilling Co. was born when two engineers started discussing the simple process of distilling wash into ethanol. Early experimentation proved that there was more to the creation of palatable and interesting spirits than simply boiling beer. This realization set the two on a path rooted in respect for thousands of years of alcohol innovation, and a passion for continuing this culture of innovation in a 500 square foot distillery in Denver. Without their faithful followers raising a glass with them, they would merely be two guys with an expensive hobby. These followers have turned Blank and Booth into something special, and Blank and Booth has not lost focus on this fact. Their mission is to provide their patrons with enjoyment, excitement, and a creative outlet. Blank and Booth’s primary products, Ripple and Hot Mess Hatch Chile Flavored Whiskey) can be found in select liquor stores and restaurants, but the distillery is the only place to sample their unique nano-batch products, listen to bluegrass, and shine on.


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999 Vallejo Street, Denver, CO, US, 80204 Email:
Phone: 406-861-7501 Web:
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