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Skaalvenn Distillery

Skaalvenn Distillery Skaal is the traditional spelling of the Norwegian word Skål which translates into "cheers". (skaal also happens to be much easier to type on an American keyboard!) Venn is the Norwegian word for "friends" Skaalvenn Distillery is owned and operated by a hardworking American family who worked long hours at regular jobs and managed to save up some money to start the American dream. We are unique in that we don't have investors, shareholders, corporate backers or large bank loans. We are every day working class Americans who put every dime and every free minute into transforming a dream into reality. Our mission is to keep everything as local as possible, and support small businesses along the way. Our bottles, corks, labels and boxes are all made within the Midwest. Our grains and other ingredients mainly come from Minnesota (some ingredients like cane sugar for rum simply don't grow in the Midwest).


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8601 73rd Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN, US, 55428 Email:
Phone: 651-592-9195 Web:
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