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Peach Street Distillers

Peach Street Distillers "Who are we? Well, we're three good friends (Rory, Bill, and Dave) with a penchant for hooch, and years of professional brewing and distilling experience between us, and why Palisade? It is where the finest fruits in Colorado are grown. Although Palisade enjoys cool nights during the growing season, it is located at 4700 feet in elevation, in a desert climate, and receives intense sunlight. Fruit that ripens in these conditions has a special concentration of sugars.


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144 South Kluge Avenue, Palisade, CO, US, 81526 Email:
Phone: 970-464-1128 Web:
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  Colorado Straight Bourbon
Peach Street Distillers’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey is light on the palate, revealing soft caramel flavors and cereal notes with aromas of light oak and vanilla. The bourbon is proofed at 46% alcohol by volume, or 92 proof. Each 750 ml. bottle is hand-numbered by Head Distiller, Davy Lindig and features a black wax-dipped top.
  Goat Artisan Vodka
Distilled and bottled within our quaint Palisade, Colorado distillery, we begin with the finest grains available, including the famed Sweet Corn of Olathe. The Goat goes through two initial distillations and one charcoal filtration to ensure purity. A third distillation and a final charcoal filtration clinch the Goat's eminence.
  Jackelope Gin
Several varieties of hand-picked Colorado juniper berries are uniquely infused in our gin and provide the Jackelope’s “key note.” 7 other botanicals smooth out our gin creating a piney essence, nutty undertones, and citrus throughout. As with all of our products, the Jackelope is craft-distilled in small batches, with Colorado ingredients, in our quaint Palisade distillery!
  Peach Goat Vodka
Most flavored vodkas are made with synthetic flavoring agents, and frankly, taste like it. We infuse the Goat with fresh, hand-picked Palisade Peaches. Real Fruit--and the difference is unmistakable..


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