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Triple Eight Distillery

Triple Eight Distillery Founded by Dean and Melissa Long in 1997 and located on Nantucket Island, Triple Eight Distillery is the region’s first micro-distillery. Named after its ultra pure water source, well #888, Triple Eight Distillery makes a variety of premium spirits, all of which are hand crafted in small batches using only natural ingredients. In addition to our flagship product, Triple Eight Vodka, we make Triple Eight Orange Vodka, Hurricane Rum, Gale Force Gin and Notch (“not scotch” single malt whiskey), the first release of which is due in the spring of 2005.


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5 Bartlett Farm Road, Nantucket, MA, US, 02584 Email:
Phone: 508-325-5929 Web:
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  Gale Force Gin
Released in January 2005, Gale Force is a classic style gin with crisp juniper and citrus flavors, punctuated by a lasting peppery finish. Exceptionally clean and smooth, this is a great product. Over proofed at 88.8% Gale Force packs a mighty wallup.
  Hurricane Rum
First released in late summer 2003, Hurricane Rum was introduced during the Hurricane season. This is done in honor of the awesome storms that cause havoc from the Keys to Nantucket . The rum is over-proofed to match the strength of the most recent hurricane that season. It is aged in bourbon casks imparting a wonderful golden color and distinctive whiskey flavor. Hurricane Rum is truly small batch and quite difficult to find. If you see it, grab it!
  Notch Single Malt Whisk
After the whiskey has been aged for a full five years in Triple Eight's bonded warehouse, it will be carefully blended with the finest Nantucket well water and bottled. For Nantucket's water filters through hundreds of miles of sand before being drawn for use from our island well, a water that has a perfect ph (5-5.5) for making whiskey. Additionally, Nantucket's cool ocean air is similar to that in the western isles of Scotland, and is ideal for maturing whiskey in oak.
  Triple Eight Cranberry
Made with native Nantucket cranberries. No chemicals, no extracts, just the real fruit and great vodka. Taste the difference! The island's vibrant red fruit was inspiration enough to create this delicious flavor. Local cranberries make this creation truly homegrown.
  Triple Eight Orange Vodka
Gold Medal Winner 2004 World Spirit Championships. Introduced in the spring of 2003, Triple Eight Orange is unlike any other flavored vodka on the market. Most other flavored vodkas are made with chemical extracts. This is an extremely simple method of artificial flavoring resulting in a fake, almost bubble gum flavor. This is simply not Dean’s style. Orange vodka is made with oranges. The best oranges we could find. NO CHEMICALS, NO EXTRACTS, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL. Try it simply over ice.
  Triple Eight Vodka
Introduced in the spring of 2001, Triple Eight Vodka is the flagship product of Triple Eight Distillery. Our super-premium vodka is triple distilled using organic corn from Holland and blended with ultra pure water from our Nantucket well # 888. We believe it is as good or better than any other Vodka in the super-premium category. Seek it out for yourself and we’re confident you will agree!


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