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Mystic Mountain Distillery

Mystic Mountain Distillery In the world of vodka, the mass producers would have you believe all vodka is the same. Sure, most people can taste the difference between a low quality vodka and a more expensive, middle of the road vodka. However, tasting the difference between mid-range vodka and top shelf vodka, according to the mass producers, is marketing.


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11505 Spring Valley Road, Larkspur, CO, US, 80118 Email:
Phone: 303-663-9375 Web:
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  BOHICA Vodka
BOHICA Vodka is THE perfect match for all your cocktail needs. This vodka is smooth enough to be enjoyed on its own but is versatile and mixes well with all recipes, from Bloody Mary's to Vodka Tonics and the whole range of Martinis. As a tribute to the men, women and families of the Armed Forces a portion of each sale will go to support a Veterans charity. It is a way for Mystic Mountain Distillery to say Thank You for their contribution and to help serve those who served their country.
  Colorado Blue Vodka
Colorado Blue Vodka is specifically distilled as a sipping beverage. In the distillation process we caramelize the mash, resulting in a slight butterscotch flavor and floral aroma. This unique process provides a rich and exceptionally smooth beverage. Colorado Blue Vodka is a sipping vodka that is meant to be enjoyed on the rocks or with a splash of water. The slight butterscotch flavor lends itself to sweeter cocktails, adding an extra burst of flavor setting it apart from all other vodkas.
  Colorado Crystal Vodka
Colorado Crystal Vodka is clean, crisp and lacks any distracting flavor, like our Spring snow-melt streams. We remove the bite from the vodka early in the distillation process and filter our artesian well water over twelve times to ensure high quality. Colorado Crystal Vodka, embedded with richness and full body, is about tasting the Rocky Mountains and the natural flavor of the lemon twist or olive.
  Rocky Mountain Moonshine
Rocky Mountain Moonshine, according to the government, is classified as a “Distilled Specialty Spirit” and special it is. Our moonshine is full of flavor and body, characterized with a floral aroma and rich taste. Rocky Mountain Moonshine builds on the traditions of moonshiners who sought refuge in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a smooth sipping beverage; though we are sure there are many unique mixing recipes in American lore waiting to be rediscovered. One of our favorite traditions is to mix moonshine with coffee, it acts as a sweetener and removes coffees natural bitterness.


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