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Papa Moon Winery

Papa Moon Winery In 2007 we began planting grapevines with the hope of starting a new hobby and furthering an already established joy for all things that grow. Instead of a hobby, we got much more. What began as a side project became an absolute passion for grape cultivation and craft-wine production. From the molecules in the soil to the bouquet of the finished product, we have not stopped pursuing our goal of making wines of outstanding quality. In 2012 our passion bloomed into a serious business proposition. While trimming dormant vines on a brutally cold January morning, we had a revelation that our love for growing grapes and making wine could be shared with others through the establishment of a winery. The immediate task at hand was to establish a name for our business. We searched briefly for a name, but “Papa Moon” became the obvious choice as it had already been well established as the moniker for owner Jim Massey by his grandson Liam. On moonlit nights at the countryside vineyard, Jim Massey began a tradition of taking 1-year old Liam outside to gaze at the moon. Before long, Liam began affectionately referring to his grandfather as ”Papa Moon" and the name stuck.


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230975 County Road J, Scottsbluff, NE, US, 69361 Email:
Phone: 308-631-8380 Web:
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