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Blackwater Distilling™

Blackwater Distilling™ On Feb. 15, the Eastern Shore-based BlackWater Distilling, Inc. became Maryland's first licensed beverage alcohol distillery in nearly 30 years. Founded by brothers Christopher and Jonathan Cook of Annapolis, the micro-distillery will use locally-grown grain to produce its inaugural vodka line, available later this year. More super-premium products, including a gin and whiskey, are planned for future release. BlackWater Distilling will initially distribute its liquors throughout Maryland, with increasing coverage as production capacity expands.


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184 Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville, MD, US, 21666 Email:
Phone: 443-249-3123 Web:
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  BlackWater Distilling Vodka
BlackWater Distilling’s vodka is primarily made with wheat, an abundant resource on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The grain is ground coarsely, processed into a wort and yeast is added to begin the fermentation process. Fermentation is the only process which creates alcohol, regardless of the beverage alcohol being produced. Distilling is simply a process of selecting chemical compounds out of a solution based on the temperature at which different liquids turn into a vapor.


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