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Klocke Estate

Klocke Estate Time is an essential element in crafting the finest brandies. Dutch settlers of 17th century New York were no strangers to this truth. After distilling French wine into eau-de-vie to withstand months of overseas travel, the Dutch were the first to discover that barrel-aging would create an even richer, elegant libation: Cognac. Klocke Estate (the Middle Dutch word for clock) is not just a nod to the Dutch history of Claverack—it’s also a nod to the passage of time and the rewards it grants us. Brandy itself is the expression of time. To craft it well takes the utmost patience, craftsmanship, and dedication. Klocke Estate will craft artisanal earth-to-glass apple and grape brandies using time-honored practices and Alambic Charentais stills, building a legacy for the region reflecting the spirit of the Hudson Valley one barrel at a time. Working with internationally renowned designer Ken Fulk, Klocke Estate will offer a luxurious and immersive experience unlike any other. Together we’ll create a unique, elevated Hudson Valley Brandy that’s honored, valued, and of the essence—like time itself.


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2554 County Route 27, Claverack, NY, US, 12534 Email:
Phone: 518-672-1166 Web:
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