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Grand Canyon Cellars

Grand Canyon Cellars In collaboration with awarded wine maker, Eric Glomski, our wine is handcrafted and locally produced and bottled at Page Springs Cellars, Arizona. We craft old-world style wines that represent the distinct and rugged landscape of our great home state of Arizona. Our wines are specifically crafted to pair well with food as well as to be happily enjoyed in Arizona’s heat. For over 20 years, the Kennelly Family continues to invest their hard work and vision into the heart of the historic downtown of Williams, Arizona. The Grand Canyon Winery is no exception. Alongside three restaurants and several gift boutiques, our winery is another dedication to good local establishments providing quality services. As a family business, we believe that the backbone of our economy rests in the hands of the small business owner. We are proud to have the opportunity to create jobs that feed our neighbors and keep money flowing in our local community to continue supporting local businesses. Our wine is a celebration of The Grand Canyon and those who Travel Far and Drink Local. It is our commitment to produce a wine that is locally crafted and uses only the best ingredients to give our customers what they deserve - a simple idea well done.


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238 W. Route 66, Williams, AZ, US, 86046 Email:
Phone: 928-707-0900 Web:
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