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Early Times Distillery

Early Times Distillery Like most bottle whiskies, Early Times Whisky came into being later, 1860 to be exact, at a place called Early Times Station, Kentucky. Kentucky water is perfect for making whisky. It's naturally filtered through limestone springs which make it rich in minerals that add flavor and help with fermentation. Kentucky soil also plays its part, yielding plentiful crops of corn, barley and rye.


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  Early Times Kentucky Whiskey
At Early Times we constantly work toward this goal - "the peak of perfection" - in every step as we craft our whisky. Our unique grain recipe with its greater-than-average rye content, use of pure water to cook our grains, proprietary yeast fermentation, batch distillation and consistently controlled maturation in company-crafted barrels all contribute their part. These assure you that Early Times will always have that same smooth flavor that has made it a favorite of whisky drinkers over the years.


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