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Still River Winery

Still River Winery Still River Winery produces only one wine – Apfel Eis, an apple ice wine made from local apples. Recently the Boston Globe described this wine as “bliss in a glass.” Apfel Eis is hand-crafted and fermented in 5-gallon glass carboys. If you would like to learn how apple ice wine is made and taste a sample, we invite you to schedule a private winery visit. Making apple ice wine is a labor of love and one we enjoy sharing with the world! Simply call 978-415-WINE.


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104 Bolton Road, Harvard, MA, US, 01451 Email:
Phone: 978-415-9463 Web:
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  Apple Ice Wine
Sweet, golden, and full-bodied in the glass, Still River Winery’s apple ice wine [Apfel Eis] is made from a blend of apple varieties coming from Massachusetts orchards. Over 80 apples go into each bottle. Unlike most wines and ciders made from apples, Apfel Eis has absolutely no sugar added during fermentation. Drinking apple ice wine is an unexpected, satisfying taste sensation delivering a gentle bite and clean finish. Customers love the aromatic fragrance of freshly picked apples that envelopes them as they uncork a bottle. One sip and you’ll find yourself strolling in a New England apple orchard on a crisp fall day.


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