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Ice Bridge Brewing

Ice Bridge Brewing …there was a tub full of beer. The basement bathroom was where we started brewing, Dad and I. Of course I really had no idea what I was doing, but I enjoyed being useful to my father whenever I could be. He has always been my favorite person, and being able to help him in any which way was all I cared about. I still take credit for “helping him” build walls in the family duplex at 5 years old, even though all I really did was hold nails and cry about not getting to use the hammer. I’m certain I was more trouble then “help” but he let me tag along nonetheless. The idea of starting our own brewery was conceived, as many ideas are, under the influence of porter. Dad and I were chatting during one of the few visits I made home over the years. It was fun to think about but not something I truly took seriously until many years later.....


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139 E Main Street, Missoula, MT, US, 59802 Email:
Phone: 586-651-2761 Web:
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