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Whispering Vines Vineyards & Winery

Whispering Vines Vineyards & Winery The climate in Oklahoma allows growth of high quality grapes. At Whispering Vines, our family and friends hand pick and specifically select the grapes for our wines. Only the best grapes are selected to make the wine we sell. We have a highly trained vineyard manager, Dean Riesen that works year round caring for the vines. We have two vineyards, one at the winery and one at our home in the Keystone Lake area. We invite you to come visit Whispering Vines, walk through the vineyard and taste our fine wines; we know you will enjoy. The award winning master winemaker at Whispering Vines uses only the highest quality grapes. Inspired by the artistic approach to winemaking and the natural characteristics of the grapes, Dean allows his palate to guide him in the taste of the wines that our friends and family have grown to love and we know you will enjoy. Come visit us in the tasting room and gift shop which you will be greeted by Doreen Riesen, our winery operations manager and vineyard analyst. Doreen’s goal is to make your experience in the winery fun, memorable and enjoyable; broadening your taste for fine wines; escorting you on an educational tour deep into the production of our wines. In the gift shop we will work hard to find something for everyone. Whispering Vines is family ran and operated; your winery experience will also allow you to meet our son, consultant and wine connoisseur David, and wife, Adrienne. David and Adrienne assist in making your winery visit an experience through their hard work in the daily operations and tasting room enjoyment. A third generation family member; our granddaughter even makes sure there are no dull moments. Look for her to mature and grow in the wine industry. The winery operations manager and vineyard analyst, Doreen Riesen, and award winning master winemaker and vineyard manager, Dean Riesen have worked for years preparing the vineyards for the opening of the winery. Since 2002, family and friends have been enjoying the wine they’ve made; with the opening of the winery everyone can come, taste, enjoy and purchase old family recipes.


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7374 West 51st Street, Tulsa, OK, US, 74107 Email:
Phone: 918-231-7928 Web:
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A blend of white and red wines, offering a fruity sweetness with a touch of citrus; complimented by accents of peaches and pears. Accompany with poultry, poached salmon, seafood, vegetarian dishes, pastas, salads, mild cheeses, and desserts.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A dry wine, offering an intense smooth, full-bodied texture, a hearty flavor boasting with an aroma of blackberry, toasted oak and spice. Accompany with red meats, wild game, strong cheeses, walnuts and pecans.
A dry wine, full-bodied, creamy rich with a lush buttery taste. Aromas of tropical fruit, vanilla, carmel, lightly toasted, delicate and easy to drink. Accompany with rich foods, shellfish, seafood, poultry, veal, pork, and toasted nuts.
A dry wine aged in oak offering an earthy-mature velvet-smooth finish; an excellent enjoyment to the palate. Aromas of black cherry, chocolate, plum and herbs make this an enjoyable and flavorful dinner wine. Accompany with medium weight dishes, roasted or grilled meats, venison, braised veal, pastas with red sauces, mild cheeses and walnuts.
  Muscat Canelli
A sweet wine, full-bodied with a balance of sunny-citrus and fruity floral taste; overwhelming aromas of melons, apples, peaches, and ripe pears. Accompany with mild cheeses, sweet and sour poultry or pork, shrimp, lobster, seafood and fresh fruits.
  Peach Table Wine
A sweet white wine; fruity to the nose and taste. Flavorful hints of floral, peach and citrus. A fun wine to drink either before dinner or by itself, anytime. Accompany with smoked dishes, mild and strong cheeses, appetizers.
A semi-sweet wine light-bodied with a complex aromatic hints of floral, apple, pears, peaches and honey. Accompany with seafood, crab, smoked salmon, pan-seared trout, duck and goose and sauerkraut.
  Sauvignon Blanc
A dry wine with zest, a medium-bodied flavor with aromas of crisp citrus and green fruit. Accompany with turkey, chicken, seafood or sushi, smoked cheeses, creamed soups and green salads.
  Sweet Rosé
A sweet wine aged in oak keeping a full-bodied rose flavor rich and spicy. A great after dinner wine served with dessert. Accompany with mushroom based dishes, mild cheeses, pastas, and chocolate or nut based desserts.
A semi-sweet wine creating an artistic rich undertone of toasted vanilla, soft ripe spicy tannin, full-bodied flavor harboring aromas of ripe berries, rose petals, cinnamon and expresso. Accompany with grilled meats, roasted lamb, pork tenderloin, baked pasta, mild cheeses and wild game.
A sweet wine made from clusters of red grapes, offering an intense, bold flavor passionate with fruits of melons, berries and plums. Accompany with outdoor grilled, smoked, barbequed steaks or chops, seafood, pastas, poultry, fowl, pork, and strongly- flavored cheese; the most versatile of wines.


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