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Chrysalis Vineyards at the Ag District Center

Chrysalis Vineyards at the Ag District Center Located outside the village of Middleburg in the beautiful Virginia Piedmont, Chrysalis Vineyards is becoming one of the finest estate wineries on the East Coast. Having completed our 5th harvest, we have established fifty-one acres of vineyards, specializing in unusual Spanish and French varietals and the native Virginia grape, Norton, in addition to substantial plantings of traditional grapes. We are new, excited and energized, as we combine the best of modern techniques with the traditional hand-crafted winemaking methods of the Old World.


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39025 John Mosby Highway, Middleburg, VA, US, 20117 Email:
Phone: 540-687-8222 Web:
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  Barrel Select 100% Norton
This is our award winning, straight forward 100% Norton, the Real American Grape! Displaying the true characteristics of our Virginia Native varietal, it is jammy, displaying concentrated dry fruit and earthiness, while remaining smooth as silk.
  Chrysalis Vineyards Albariño
The ultra-premium white varietal of Spain. A rich, exotic dry wine bursting with bright aromas and bracing flavors of citrus, almonds, apricots, and peaches. Sensational! We just released this limited production wine, which we expect will sell out in 4-5 months..
  Chrysalis Vineyards Chardonnay
A flavorful expression of the alluringly delicate and elegant quality of Chardonnay grown in Virginia. Crisp apple aromas and delicate hints of vanilla are beautifully balanced in the refreshing and lively wine.
  Chrysalis Vineyards Mariposa
Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. Made in the style of a Spanish Clarete from Northern Spain, Chrysalis Vineyards Mariposa is a blend of white and red juice from European varietal, with a touch of our beloved Norton. This brings us a remarkable example of ripe red fruit flavors, with balanced acidity that is dry and very food friendly.
  Chrysalis Vineyards Petit Manseng
Chrysalis Vineyards is extremely proud to present America’s first varietally labeled Petit Manseng - traditionally grown in the Jurançon region of Southwest France. Petit Manseng is an aromatic grape producing sweet wines bursting with aromas and flavors of flowers, honey, candied fruit and spice. It is important to note that the sweetness and balanced acidity in this wine is the result of natural ripening of the fruit in the Virginia sun, producing an elegant wine with a clean, crisp finish.
  Chrysalis Vineyards Rubiana
Inspired by alluring wines of Northern Spain, this wine is a blend of Tempranillo, Graciano, Fer Servadou and Norton grapes. It is a medium-bodied, fruit-forward wine showcasing the distinctive aromatics of the rare Graciano grape with the wonderful concentration of Fer Servadou.
  Chrysalis Vineyards Viognier
This extraordinary Northern Rhone varietal offers wonderful citrus, tropical and pear aromas, while retaining the classic dry quality of Viognier - eclipsing our award winning 2001 vintage. Unrivaled balance and intensity! Our 'flagship' white wine. Fermented sur lie and aged to perfection in French oak barrels and presented in our distinctive antique Burgundy bottles, this Viognier represents the epitome of Chrysalis Vineyards' commitment to excellence in every aspect of the grape growing and winemaking.
  Estate Bottled Norton
A robust red, complex and deeply colored. This full bodied Norton blended with our French varietals, has firm tannins, concentrated flavors of cherry and raisins, with layers of pepper and earth and a long finish.
  Hollin Reserve Papillon
Papillon is the French word for butterfly. Our Papillon is a deep, robust, yet elegant red wine made from several rare and traditional grape varieties of southwest France. After aging in French oak, the juice emerges from the cellars of Chrysalis as wine, transformed by the natural processes of yeast and oak - just like the butterfly, beautifully transformed, emerges from her chrysalis. Papillon fills the mouth with complex flavors of ripe pitted fruits, merged with hints of earth and smoke. This premium wine will age well, and should be paired with robust red meats and aged cheeses.
  Hollin Reserve Petit Verdot
Chrysalis Vineyards grows over 20 different varieties of grapes. This provides a broad range of flavors and attributes to support our view that many of the finest wines of the world are the product of skillful blending. Occasionally, in outstanding years, one of these varieties will distinguish itself with such high quality and intense varietal expression that it warrants being presented on its own. This Petit Verdot, from our Hollin Vineyard, is one of these special bottlings. We are proud to offer this distinctive wine, which exemplifies the full potential that this traditional Bordeaux variety can attain.
  Locksley Reserve Norton
After two years in the bottle, our ultimate flagship Norton has mellowed into an elegant wine, which is still big and earthy, with hints of peppery chocolate. Filled with concentrated spicy black fruits, it finishes long and is aging well.
  Sarah's Patio Red
Chrysalis Vineyards Sarah's Patio Red is name in tribute to Sarah Gertrude Lynn, the patron of Sarah's Patio at our beautiful location in the rolling hills of the Bull Run Mountains. Off-dry in style, Sarah's Patio Red is a light-bodied and fresh wine showcasing the natural fruity aromas and flavors of Norton, The Real American Grape! Because of its crisp, light fruitiness, we recommend serving Sarah's Patio Red slightly chilled.
  Sarah's Patio White
Sarah's Patio White is named in tribute to Sarah Gertrude Lynn, the patron of Sarah's Patio at our beautiful location in the rolling hills of the Bull Run Mountains. This straightforward and attractive wine offers classic characteristics of citrus and floral aromas, and its crisp acidity is balanced with the right amount of sweetness to create a very distinctive and drinkable wine.
Hailing from the Madiran region of southwest France, this black-berried grape found a home in Virginia. Perfumed, and layered with smoky roasted meat, leather and cocoa, this complex wine shows a backbone of spicy black fruits with nuances of vanilla, coffee, and background oak. The big structured tannins carry through to a long finish and promise a long life in the bottle.


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anaon says...
Being charged the $10 tasting fee after buying a few hundred dollars of product is ridiculous.

rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: The beauty of Chrysalis Vineyards is that one can taste a nice $$ range of Norton wines. From their good value Patio Red rose to their Norton "barrel", "estate", and "reserve" wines ($13, $16, $19, $29, $35). Chrysalis obviously wants to produce Norton examples with a full range of tastes and cost. Here are some very good east coast Norton wines, but so far none excellent or exceptional.