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Spicket River Brewery

Spicket River Brewery The idea of Spicket River Brewery began where many great ideas begin; a bar. Lamenting the fact that amidst this craft beer "renaissance", there was not a beer out that truly represented Lawrence, MA. While poking fun at the stereotypes of popular trends, the idea of Spicket River Brewery arose. It began as a joke, yet the more we started adding to it, the more apparent it became that this idea was more than a joke; this idea had potential to add to a movement; the movement to revitalize the city of Lawrence. Our grand idea is to take the negative stereotypes that engulf Lawrence, turn them upside down and use them as a tool for growth. With edgy marketing, jokingly sarcastic and irreverent, yet at the same time committed to producing beer of the highest of quality. Our idea plays in perfectly to the sensibilities of people today, all while serving as a potential catalyst to the revival of Lawrence. Spicket River Brewery produces a local, high quality craft beer for beer enthusiasts, young professionals, and hardworking Lawrencians alike. We are an environmentally conscious brewery that will work closely with the city of Lawrence in the continued rehabilitation of the Spicket River. A percentage of Spicket River Brewery’s profits will go towards this cause.


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56 Island Street, Lawrence, MA, US, 01840 Email:
Phone: 978-655-5784 Web:
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