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Crooked Furrow Brewing

Crooked Furrow Brewing What happens when two family legacy Farmers and a Butte Boy unite in their passion to create cutting edge beer that people will love? Montana Natives David McKeever, Nick Diehl and Mick Mondloch take their quietly cultured dream and bring “Crooked Furrow Brewing” to Fruition. Clandestine is the only word to describe the events leading up to the meeting and relationships that would bring about Crooked Furrow. From David’s start brewing in the garage to Nick’s in the basement, it would take the fortitude and vision of Mick Mondloch to set fire to the reality of building a brewery that would produce exceptionally crafted beer. Brewer Nick Diehl will focus on the integrity of some classic brews while offering Helena some fresh, dynamically cultivated recipes. Crooked Furrow will be a brewery for everybody as well as a refuge for the educated beer enthusiast. Nick, David and Mick invite you to experience the Crooked Furrow Culture.


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2801 N. Roberts, Helena, MT, US, 59601 Email:
Phone: 406-422-5975 Web:
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