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Bear Pond Winery

Bear Pond Winery Bear Pond Winery is a New York State Farm Winery nestled on a gentle hillside in the heart of the Leatherstocking region of Central New York. Established in 1992 near the shore of Otsego Lake in Cooperstown and named after the Bear Pond on the property. In the fall of 1999 the winery moved to it's current location near Goodyear Lake, midway between Cooperstown (the home of Baseball) and Oneonta (home of the National Soccer Hall of Fame). Many of the original Bear Pond vines were transplanted to this new home.

From NYC: Toll road* I-87 [New York State Throughway] (North) Toll road* I-90 [New York State Throughway] (North-West) At I-90 Exit 25A, Merge onto I-88 (West) Exit 17 Exit onto SR-28 (North-west) (Right on 28) 3 miles North on State Hwy. 28. We are on the left. From Albany: Toll road* I-90 [New York State Throughway] (North-West) At I-90 Exit 25A, Merge onto I-88 (West) Exit 17 Exit onto SR-28 (North-West) (Right on 28) 3 miles North on State Hwy. 28. We are on the left. From Binghamton: I-81 (North) At I-81 I-88 Exit, Merge onto I-88 (East) At I-88 Exit 17, State Hwy. 28 (Left on 28) 3 miles North on State Hwy. 28. We are on the left.

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2515 State Hwy 28, Oneonta, NY, US, 13820 Email:
Phone: 607-643-0294 Web:
Fax: 607-643-0219
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  All Star Chardonnay
Dry white with classic characteristics of butters, vanilla flavor from oak barrel aging (vanillic acid in oak imparts the vanilla-buttery flavor). Can have a wide array of flavors and aromas - reminds one of citrus or tropical flavors in better wines. Excellent served with a meal - seafood, poultry
  Baby Bear Chelois
Baby Bear Chelois: younger, light bodied dry red with softer fruit flavor than wines higher on tasting list, a light summertime wine, popular with people just switching over to reds from sweeter white wines. Hank calls it "training wheels" red. Can be served chilled because it is lighter and fruitier.
  Baseball Merlot
Dark ruby colored dry red. Less tannic and softer to the palate than cabernet, barrel aged to add complexity. A more "earthy" wine, some perceive a mushroom, chocolate, or yeasty flavor. Good with same foods as cab. Merlot has been planted in California since the 1950's, but was used as "filler" grapes until recently.
  Bear Cub Honey
Sweet, higher in alcohol -13.9%. Made with pure honey from old Ethiopian recipe. No added sulfites because of honey's natural antibiotic qualities. Also called Mead - the name "honeymoon" originated from practice in Ireland in middle ages of newly married couple spending first month after wedding together drinking mead (wine made from honey). A sipping or dessert wine.
  Beary Blueberry
This wonderfully sweet blueberry wine is a Bear Pond favorite! Taste buds come alive to this 100% natural blueberry wine.
  Cabernet Franc
The 2004 Bear Pond Winery Cabernet Franc is known for its balance and full body. The nose is full of bright berry fruit and violets with green pepper. Flavors of blackcurrant give way to luscious, juicy black cherries with a full and elegantly soft finish.
  Castle Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry, full bodied tannic red, aged over 2 years in northern French oak. This wine has won international awards. Complex, great legs, dark ruby color, some perceive a green pepper and/or berry nose (aroma). Excellent aging potential and good with rich foods, beef, lamb and hearty soups or cheeses like camembert or brie.
  Doobie Blues
A miniature donkey named Doobie provided the inspiration for this wine. The wine can be described as fun, fruity and slightly sweet (kind of like we describe Doobie!, similar to a sweeter style Riesling. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 5% Residual Sugar
  Doubleday Red DeChaunac
This wine is 80% DeChaunac and 20% Cab Franc. DeChaunac is a French-American hybrid grape that makes a dry burgundy (Chianti) style wine. This is a dry, tannic (more acidic) full bodied red wine. It was aged 12 months in American Oak and bottled at the middle of 2006. It will continue to improve with more bottle aging and become smoother and less acidic.
  Fielder's Choice Rosario
Moderately sweet, a blend of concord and niagara grapes. Excellent with chocolate or dessert, pour it over vanilla ice cream.
  Goal Seyval Blanc
Dry white with crisp flavor and soft finish. Some people perceive a citrus flavor. Cold fermented and bottled young to capture the fresh fruits character. Aged in stainless steel to preserve fruit flavor / aroma (oak would absorb fruit flavors and aroma and impart it's own in place). Similar to Pinot Grigio. Excellent with light dishes - seafood, poultry.
  Grand Slam Champagne
Semi-dry, crisp, GREAT Grand Slam Champagne!
  Grizzly Red Burgundy
Medium bodied dry red. A younger more tannic wine, like Chianti, good with pasta. Also good with hearty soup, stews, pot roast, great for cooking. Highest tannic acid of our reds, so is good choice for healthy heart. Tannic acid and grape seed extract in red wines is believed to lower LDL cholesterol and provide antioxidants for cancer prevention. Cardiologist recommendation is 6-8 oz. daily for women and 8-12 for men.
  Hohenzollern Pinot Noir
Lighter bodied dry red, also lighter in color and tannic acid. Berry nose and a hint of vanilla (oak). soft in texture with complex flavor, excellent with steak or prime rib, but delicate enough to go with a lighter meal like fish that would have been a white wine meal, without overpowering the food. Hohenzollern is the castle in Saltzburg, Austria. Must take a cog railway to get up to the castle. Anyone old enought to remember "The Sound of Music" - much of the movie is filmed in Saltzburg and the convent and convent cemetery scenes are right next to the castle.
  Holiday Bear
Flavored with mulling spices; best served warm anytime. NYS Fair award winner
  Just Peachy
One sip of this wine will give you the sensation of biting into a fresh tree-ripened peach, only this is better since there is no fuzz! Semi-sweet and richly flavored, this is a great dessert wine or serve it as a summer refresher over ice. 11% Residual Sugar
  Major League May
White wine with strawberry juice added - gives it color and sweetness sweeter summertime wine good for picnic, BBQ, fruit salad etc. Also has sweet woodruff, a herb that some believe gives the wine a nutty flavor. woodruff was used in the middle ages as a natural medicine for indigestion. (Dr Merrell, a G.I. doc at bassett drinks it and believes the herbal qualities) May wine in Germany was usually the first wine of the season that was ready to drink. (remember may day and spring festivities) White, sweet wines only need 5-6 months to age, so harvest in October and is drinkable by spring. In germany when first wine of season was ready winemaker would lean a broom outside front door of winery with bristles up as a signal to "come and get it".
  Neuschwanstein Blush
White zinfandel style wine. semi-dry with fruity aroma and crisp finish. Neuschwanstein is the castle in the poster and on the top shelf of the castle cabinet. It is in Southern Bavaria and was used by Walt Disney as the model for Cinderella's castle at Disneyland.
  Oak Bear Chardonnay
This 100% Chardonnay is aged in American oak for 6 months. Strong oak flavor, American oak tends to be more of a smoky, charcoal oak taste. This chardonnay is wonderfully smooth and very pleasing to the palate. This white wine is a wonderful treat.
  Pear Mead
This delicate pear and honey wine has a smooth, light-sweet finish. Pairs well with pork, cheese or fresh fruit.Residual Sugar 6.0% Alcohol Content 10.0%
  Polar White Sauterne
White wine made with Niagara (American) grapes. a sweet, aromatic, fruity dessert style wine. Sauterne is the style of wine, named after the Sauterne region of France where late harvest sweeter wines are made.
  Portly Bear
A ruby colored port. dessert wine with 18% alcohol. Great to curl up with in your recliner after dinner with tv or good book. In old England the gentlemen would retire to library after dinner for port and cigars, while ladies drank tea or sherry in parlor.
This 100% raspberry wine has a rich dark red color, sweet and wonderfully aromatic. The only question you’re left with, Is this really wine?
  Rrr Riesling
2003 late harvest Riesling. This is a sweeter dessert Riesling with great legs. This could be thought of as a “baby ice wine”. Rrrr Riesling is available in traditional blue or ceramic bottles.
  Sippin' Bear Sherry
A cream sherry mellowed to velvety smoothness. golden color from oak aging. 18% alcohol - another sipping dessert or after dinner wine. Edgar Allen Poe's story "The cask of Amtonillado" was about a type of sherry.
  Soccer Ball Charval
50/50 blend of chardonnay and seyval blanc. dry white with the complexity of chardonnay and fresh crispness of seyval. the blend softens the oak for people who don't like "oaks" wines and decreases the acidity of the sesval which makes it seem too dry to some people.
  Strawberry Splendor
We have captured the taste of fresh strawberries to enjoy anytime in the luscious dessert and party wine. Made from grape wine sweetened and flavored with strawberry juice and natural strawberry flavors. No artificial flavors added, just pure strawberry flavors with a rich finish and just enough tartness to balance the sweetness. 10% Residual Sugar
  Three Bears Best
This is a blend of 3 grapes; (50% Niagara, 45% DeChaunac and 5% Concord) to make a sweeter, light red wine. This is not quite as sweet as the Rosario. The DeChaunac’s dryness keeps it from being too grapey tasting.
  Vidal Iced Wine
A French-American hybrid developed by J. L. Vidal in Bordeaux. It is one of the finest white hybrid grapes. The grapes were frozen naturally on the vine and havested and pressed while still frozen.
  Weibertreu Riesling
Weib. Johannesberg Riesling: white, a german grape, with fruits aroma and well balanced taste. a more delicate wine, excellent with any light meal or as aperitif. Our best selling varietal. Story - Weibertreu as castle of true women, used as bomb shelter by local residents (hank's mom) during WWII. Blue glass originally came from high cobalt content in sand during glass making. Traditional coloring for german wines: brown for rhine wines, green for moselle wines, blue for riesling, spatelese (late lying grapes), auslese (still later harvest), isenwein (ice wine, harvested and grapes crushed while frozen to increase sugar content).


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