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Outworld Brewing

Outworld Brewing “Outworld Brewing reinvents the brewpub experience through a Sci-fi Fantasy theme for those who wish to experience excellence in craft and difference in atmosphere.” “Unrelenting standards in pursuit of the finest expression of Terran Beercraft.” Outworld Brewing, an interstellar trading post showcasing the finest Terran (Earth) craft, where beer is the most highly traded commodity throughout the Universe. This trading post was built by monastic brewer traders, known on Earth as the Tappist Munks. The Tappist 001, their trading barge crashed due to an anomaly in space time. Stuck on Earth due to their inability to regain what knowledge they’ve lost. The Munks have been watching and waiting for an untold amount of time to share their gifts and secrets with those willing to help them find their way back home. “We will learn much about one another, you will learn more about yourselves and the mysteries of this Universe, while we will await the discoveries of our lost ships archives and treasures that we have not yet found.” - Aldar (The Wisdom of the Tappists)


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1725 Vista View Drive, Longmont, CO, US, 80504 Email:
Phone: 720-545-2337 Web:
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